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Fresh to the Music Scene, Ravyyyy Might Be Closer to Success Than Expected

Ravyyyy has already started making a name for herself in the Los Angeles music scene as a sassy R&B Artist and Singer-Songwriter.

Appearing fresh to the music scene her passionate vocals make us feel like she’s already a seasoned performer. Ravyyyy has spent the past three years in California chasing her dreams and we can see that she might be closer than expected.

Most recently Ravyyyy has released a captivating and conceptual music video for two of her most well-received singles titled, “Rollin In a Benz + Pull Up.” The first half of this video features her empowering track “Rollin In a Benz,” and as she pulls up to the liquor mart the next track featured is “Pull Up.” We have to mention the incredible editing in this video, from the quick polaroid shots to the blazing visual effects.

Ravyyyy has truly outdone herself with the execution of this conceptual video. When asked about 2020 in a recent interview with BuzzMusic Ravyyyy said that “If 2020 hasn’t inspired you in any way, shape, or form, then you’ve been living under a rock.” She has looked to her family and friends to support and the motivation to keep going in all she does.

Ravyyyy warns listeners that the music we will be hearing from her upcoming EP will be nothing like anyone has heard from her. Working towards this EP she has been fortunate enough to collaborate with a Grammy-nominated songwriter that will be the cherry on top of her next project.

Ravyyyy’s dedication to her authentic artist self has made her one to watch for.

You can learn more about her here.



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