Get Caught Up in the Amplification of Love With Chelsea Lyn Meyer

Independent alt-rock musician, songwriter, and frontwoman Chelsea Lyn Meyer hails from Lehigh Valley, PA.

Starting her solo career in 2014, she began writing and recording as an indie artist, while finding her own unique sound. Working with producer Mike Wuerth at Long Island Sound Studios in New York, Chelsea Lyn Meyer has gone from a debut album and single releases, on route to finding her own groove in how she approaches her craft.

Returning with her latest upbeat single, “What You’re Doing to Me,” Chelsea Lyn Meyer has us hanging onto all of the edgy feels we have bottled up inside. Swimming in a sea of Pop Punk angst, there’s such poise that comes dripping off of Chelsea Lyn Meyer’s persona as she performs with confidence and grace.

Through the electric force field of chugging guitar riffs layered over top of the sustaining nature, we long for in a fiery stringed formula, there’s massive energy that comes surging through the speakers when “What You’re Doing to Me” comes on.

Keeping up with the vivacious tempo set in place by colossal drum patterns, and a groove-infused bassline, the way that Chelsea Lyn Meyer’s striking vocalization smolders over top of this instrumental bed is a match made in heaven.

Performing lyrical motifs such as ‘And I love the taste of your name on my tongue. I love the feel of your breath in my lungs,’ Chelsea Lyn Meyer has us fully absorbed in the notion of love that overcomes your very being when you can’t help but to fall for the apple of your eye.

Casting out such grand emotions in a nature that seems to flow effortlessly for the emerging rocker, we’re swept off of our feet and into the bliss that is “What You’re Doing to Me.”

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Chelsea, and congratulations on the release of your latest bop, "What You're Doing to Me." You deliver us an unmatched passion that fills up our headspace. We love it! What moment or story inspired the creation of this song?

Thank you! "What You're Doing to Me" (or WYDTM as we started calling it) began with the lyric I wrote while driving one day, "I love the taste of your name on my tongue." As I was writing other songs, I kept coming back to that lyric, trying to find ways to make it fit in somewhere, but the melodies just weren't powerful enough for that line. So I decided to write a song based on those lyrics instead. That's how WYDTM started. The song is about that crazy physical and sexual attraction you can feel to someone when you first see them or connect with them and navigating through those new feelings of want and need.

From being in a band setting before embarking on a solo career, what differences have you noticed in your creative process as you continue to steer yourself through the music industry?

As a female in the rock or pop-punk music world, which is generally pretty male-dominated, the band setting provided me almost like a security blanket. I had three guys in the band supporting me that I would look to when I questioned myself or my creative choices. Now, as a solo female pop-punk artist, I have to go into everything just ready to say, "This is who I am, this is what I want to say/express, and this is how I want to do things" and be confident in that whether I believe it or not. I don't have that security blanket to look to and say, "how does this sound?" or "do you think people will like this or accept this?". I had to show people what I could do to gain their respect to have their say, "Ok, this girl is serious, let's do something." The confidence I've gained in the whole process of transitioning from a frontwoman of a band to a solo artist can be heard and seen through my music over the last few years. The music industry can be challenging, especially if you don't fit the mold. But I think I've learned to be more difficult.

Could you please share a glimpse into what it looked like to bring this record to life? Was there anyone else part of the creative process that ensured the vision of "What You're Doing to Me" was never compromised?

YES! I can't speak highly enough of my producer, Mike Wuerth of Long Island Sound Studios. He understood what I was trying to say and the feeling I was trying to evoke with this record. We spent a whole day recording the song and adding little guitar licks or harmonies here and there to lift the song to another level.

What are you hoping that your audience can reflect on during and after listening to this single?

I like when the audience takes my songs and can relate them to something personal and give the song its meaning. With "What You're Doing to Me," I wanted to make the audience tap into a time in their life when they were experiencing new physical, sexual, and emotional attraction to someone when everything was so exciting and fresh.

What's next for you?

I am currently pre-production for a music video for WYDTM with director Chris Sheeran, who also shot and directed the music video for my last single, MISS ME TOO. I am also writing, recording, and playing live with the hopes of releasing an EP in 2022.