Get Down and Real With the Conscious Stylings of J. Hustles, Joey Supratta, and WESTSIDE BOOGIE

Making his mark on the music industry, Italian-American Hip-hop artist and producer Joey Supratta teams up with J. Hustles to fulfill their latest sonic exploration. Both residing in the sunshine state of California, these Los Angeles talents are known for their artistic versatility and skilled lyricism.

As Joey Supratta embodies a business mentality that works overtime, J. Hustles provides you with the ability to put you in a place of visualization, as his words allow you to step into his world.

Inducing a musical universe that's filled with cognizant findings, we get to hear the mid-tempo and conscious stylings professed in the latest single, "For Real." Depicting picturesque imagery that wraps you in the captivating nature of each artist on this record, you're taken into the harmonious sway that the instrumentation presents to us.

Not only do we get to tap into the potent verses that outline the lyrical dexterity of J. Hustles and Joey Supratta, but we get to experience that irrefutable spirit of WESTSIDE BOOGIE as well. The trio places their panaches atop instrumentation carried by the driving trap-inspired percussion and angelic samples. Applying a hefty offering of lyrical dexterity to the complete essence of "For Real," there's little left to the imagination as each artist conveys a meaningful message that is meant to speak to the listeners as individuals.

Unveiling the true core that's laced into the artistry present, it's hard to deny the skill set of any creative artist we hear on this record. Taking our minds and molding them with passion, drive, and perseverance, "For Real" is an inimitable example of what Hip-hop embodies.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, J. Hustles, and JoeySupratta. Congratulations on the release of your latest collaboration with WESTSIDE BOOGIE. How did this dynamic trio come to work together on "For Real?"

JOEY SUPRATTA: Thank you! It was one of those things that just fell into place. And it was an honor to work with such great artists on this record—big shout out to Westside Boogie for blessing us with that fire verse.

J.HUSTLES: It was dope. It happened really fast and really organic. We connected with Boogie on a Monday, chopped it up, and shot him the record on Wednesday, and had it back on Friday, which is still crazy to me. This dude was in album mode for himself, doing shows, and still did this record with us in 2 days. His only stipulation was, "if the record hot, I got you," and he killed it!

Could you please shine a glimpse into what the creative process entailed when bringing "For Real" to life? How did you each contribute to the initial vision?

J.HUSTLES: So when we promised Boogie on Tuesday we'd get the record to him the next day, we had to work quick cause we didn't have the record. That's when Joey Supratta went to work. He knocked out like five tracks that night, the 5th one being the track we used, he almost didn't finish it or shoot it to me, but this dude is a worker and made it happen. I heard it and wrote my verse instantly in maybe 15 minutes. It's usually like that when the track is "right right." Then Joey spits his verse in like one take as he does, and we shot it to Boogie the next morning. Boogie hollered back pretty quick and said the record was fire and he'd have the record back to us on Friday. Once we got the record back, Joey Supratta gave it a few listens and dropped that hook at the end that really tied the whole record together. I've never really been part of a record that came together so quickly, especially with 3 MCs on it.

JOEY SUPRATTA: J.Hustles said it best himself. The whole process was very quick. When I was producing those beats, I wasn't sure what feel would work best, so I made a few different styles. Ironically the one I almost didn't produce was the one we ran with.

The rhyme schemes that are made present in this track are pretty unforgettable. Who inspires your signature sound when it comes down to the lyrical finesse that you propel forth?

JOEY SUPRATTA: When it comes to my music, I always try to outshine myself from the previous record. I'm always trying to give the fans something better. Growing up, I was very music-oriented, and I used to play the drums, so timing and patterns are something very familiar to me. I plan my words the same way a drummer would plan out a snare pattern. It's amazing what you can do if you understand syllables and timing! You can come up with very fast, interesting, and dope rhyme patterns!

J.HUSTLES: On this record, the track really made it easy. I like everyone has shit going on personally, and this track just felt like the right track to air it out. Inspiration for me comes from many different artists in all types of genres. Anybody that can tell a story and make me not only hear it but see it inspires me.

Do you find a difference when working in a group versus when working solo? Do you prefer how you create, or do you find that each method brings something different to the table?

JOEY SUPRATTA: Working with a group of dope artists definitely brings a whole new vibe. You feed off each other. You see where they see the record going, and you support that with your verse. It definitely has its place in Hip/Hop. Working solo is also great. It gives you complete control over the creativity, and you really get to decide where that record will end up. As long as you're being creative and enjoying what you do, you can never go wrong!

J.HUSTLES: It's pretty much the same for me because even on solo songs or projects, someone from my team is always with me in the room. I enjoy the collab records, though, because the contrast of styles in groups or remixes has always been dope to me.

In terms of themes and messaging apparent in this track, what would you like listeners to reflect on as they take in "For Real?"

J.HUSTLES: I'd hope that what I'm going through and willing to talk about publicly will help somebody get through their own stuff knowing they're not alone. I talk shit and brag on records like everybody else, but sometimes it's cool for the listener to get the human side of the artist as well.

JOEY SUPRATTA: "For Real" is the record for those who feel that weight on their shoulders. For the ones who won't give up. For the ones who need to remind everyone just what it is they do. It takes you through the emotions of digging deep, all while keeping it real. The raw and uncut lyrics from each artist, the smooth and emotional production, the catchy and captivating hook at the end all come together to make a dope record. I want listeners to hear this record and gain the confidence to handle anything that comes their way.

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