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Get In the Groove With PJ LaMariana’s New Single, “Cold War”

The NYC-based seasoned jam-band artist and singer-songwriter PJ LaMariana shows us what he's made of in a groovy and upbeat single entitled "Cold War."

Enthralled with music since childhood, PJ LaMariana has grown to be a respectable musician and bass guitarist around New York City. He's had the opportunity of working with names like Merl Saunders, Keller Williams, John Kadlecik, Oteil Burbridge, and many more.

With a sound rooted in jam-based rock, he also explores the sounds of jazz, bluegrass, and metal, which can be heard in his new single, "Cold War." The song is a lively jam that brings us to the dancefloor with a rhythmic groove and uplifting feel. While PJ LaMariana offers his soulful and unique vocal stylings, he backs himself up with the funkiest instrumentals to make for a well-rounded listening experience.

Jumping into the new single, "Cold War," the tune opens with an upbeat instrumental that takes us back to the 70s with many funky bass licks and a lively electric guitar that continues to groove through our speakers. As PJ LaMariana makes his melodic and raspy vocal appearance, he begins to tell the story of a love that's faded while he yearns to go back in time and make it right.

The array of instruments in this track is remarkable, and what's even more impressive is the thorough and well-rounded sound that PJ LaMariana has achieved. As he continues to portray his emotions in the most lighthearted and passionate way, we make our way to the song's end while tapping our feet the whole way through.

Get your dose of passion with PJ LaMariana's latest single, "Cold War," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, PJ LaMariana. What a soulful and passionate groove you've released with your latest single, "Cold War." What inspired you to create this heartfelt yet uplifting tune?

Thanks for having me. My partner at the time and I had recently reconciled after nearly coming apart. She left unannounced for a week and when she came back we were in this weird cold war period for 2 months. We were so close that being physically together but emotionally divorced was torture. I think it’s uplifting because I’m expressing great frustration and the release of that frustration is opening up space for hope to come in.

You mentioned working with your long-time friend and producer. Did he help navigate the sonics and production within "Cold War?” Or was this experience entirely solo?

My producer, Matt Pedone, and I grew up listening to and playing music together so we share a very similar aesthetic. I let him choose all the sounds and only comment when I hear something that I feel can be better.

Was it easy for you to write about your emotions surrounding lost love featured on "Cold War?” What was your songwriting process like?

I write about my most intense feelings as a form of self-therapy and am comfortable gutting myself in the song so this was not difficult, it was healing. The music was hanging around on the mandolin for a while and the lyrics came in a mad rush as they generally do. I edited the lyrics to fit the music. Cold War fit my typical process; musical motif forming, a burst of lyrics, edit, arrange, record.

How does "Cold War" help us better understand your sound and style? Do you usually release such groovy and upbeat tunes like this?

Cold War is a fair representation of my sound: groove-heavy, soaring guitar, and singer/songwriter lyrics/vocal delivery. Of course, there are downtempo grooves and ballads in my catalog but it’s a decent snapshot.

What's next for you?

I’m releasing an LP titled ‘For You’ here at the end of 2021. I’ll be out supporting ‘For You’ in 2022 and hope to share these tunes with as many people as possible.



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