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Get Ready For An Old-School Rock Vibe From Love Ghost

Alternative rock band Love Ghost heavily reminds us of the sounds we heard back in the day from the genre. This rock band adds so many elements to their music—we say rock band, but really they integrate sounds from various genres, such as indie, alternative and hard rock rhythms. We were stunned with how eclectic a hard rock band can be! We love finding category changers as you BuzzMusic readers know, and Love Ghost definitely attains that label. Love Ghost contains members Finnegan Bell, Mya Greene, Ryan Stevens and Samson Young—all who have toured across Ireland and Japan (if you didn’t already believe they were eclectic, you probably do now). We love everything about this band and how they go about spreading their music. More recently, Love Ghost has been releasing new singles and we can’t wait to tell you about their most recent one. 

We’re getting a huge flashback with the sound Love Ghost produces in their latest track “Mr. Blue”. The band curates a melody that is incredibly in sync with what the music industry saw from alternative rock bands in the early 2000’s, but with the slightest modern twist of their own. The vocalism of Finnegan Bell are grungy, yet soft. Combined with the hard-hitting guitar riffs he produces, Finnegan Bell really demonstrates his talent as a musician. However, Finnegan definitely isn’t the only star in this single—bandmate Mya Green integrates a symphonic element to the single that is, in our opinion, an integral aspect of the overall sound. The sound Mya creates with the viola is what sets “Mr. Blue" apart from other singles within the alternative rock scene. But with the lyricism and symphonic elements, “Mr. Blue" still isn’t complete without Ryan Stevens and Samson Young producing killer echoing background vocals, and some pretty rocking beats. The song makes you feel like you’re in a flash from the past, no doubt—but definitely a flash you want coming back!


Stream “Mr. Blue” here and get to know more about Love Ghost in our interview below!

Hey Love Ghost, mind telling us a little bit about how your band formed?

Finn and Mya are the original members, they have been together for 4 years.  Ryan has been in the band for 2 and a half years, and Samson has been in for almost a year. So, this line up was formed jaggedly, but we love playing music with each other and it's a great experience. 

How did you choose "Love Ghost" as your band name?

At that time the two subjects I thought the most about were love and death- and I wanted the band to be "Love Death" but everyone thought that was stupid. So instead, we became "Love Ghost"

How was your tour in Ireland? What are a few highlights of the tour? Excited to tour Japan?

Ireland is a beautiful country, as a band we had our ups and downs whilst adjusting to our first tour. Overall, it was a great experience. Some highlights from the tour were playing to a couple hundred people in Cork and them being extremely receptive to our music. The band all got tattoos together (except for Ryan, because he's 17) in Belfast and that was really fun. We all plan on getting tattoos for our next tour in Japan, as well! We are beyond excited to be touring in Japan.

Congrats on the release of "Mr. Blue"! What is the meaning behind the single? 

Mr blue is actually about depression, and I actually wrote it on a really dark day, a really dark period.  I was feeling suicidal at that time. The contrasting funk melody of the song battles the torturing thoughts I was having.

Favorite lyric line from "Mr. Blue"? Why?

"I say the world is tainted, I bid you all adieu, I am Mr. Blue."   

What's next for Love Ghost throughout 2019?

We are going to Japan in less than two weeks, in April we are going to Ecuador and playing a music festival there. We are in the midst of recording with the legendary producer Danny Saber, and we can't wait to share those songs with you!


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