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Get Ready To Reclaim Your Power With Jenna DeVries’ Edgy Masterpiece “Rip”

Named one of NSAI's Songwriters To Watch, Jenna DeVries returns with her latest single, "RIP." Making a statement, this raw and unapologetic anthem will hit you right in the gut with its powerful declaration of self-empowerment and resilience, laced with a healthy dose of anger and defiance.

Kicking off with a hauntingly beautiful piano riff that sets the mood for what's to come, Jenna's voice cuts through the opening chords, and you can feel the pain and determination in every word she sings. Her story, born from the ashes of lost relationships after she embraced her authentic self, strikes a chord with anyone who's faced similar rejection and hardship.

Paired with an intense bass drum beat, it adds depth and gravitas to Jenna's story. The music builds slowly, mirroring her emotional journey, and as she belts out the chorus with, "If I die alone, well, baby, then at least / I'll rest in peace, rest in peace," you can practically hear the walls crumbling around her. It's a powerful, unapologetic declaration of self-acceptance and a giant middle finger to those who tried to stifle her.

What stands out about Jenna DeVries is that she can allow her vocals to become even more gripping through the progression of this masterpiece. The repeated chant of "Rest in peace" at the end sends shivers down your spine, instilling the notion that "RIP" is more than a single release. It's a musical exorcism of all the pain and anger she's felt.

This fierce battle cry is a must-listen for anyone who's been through hell and back, emerging from the flames stronger and more determined to live on their terms. Jenna DeVries showcases how she's a warrior, and her music is a rallying cry for all the rebels and survivors.


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