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Get Ready to Vibe With Kojau’s 5 Track EP 'Vacation Love'

Pop / R&B artist Kojau is starting 2020 with fireworks after releasing his highly anticipated EP, 'Vacation Love' with co-artist, Glou. This being the first of 3 EP’s to be released this year. Kojau is expanding his sound as a vocalist and musician and constantly evolves by working with other talented artists. He is passionate about getting fans involved in the creative process and having them positively influence his music. He thrives on exploring different sounds: each EP this year provides a different tone. With precise storytelling, Kojau and Glou have set quite the vibe with the release of 'Vacation Love'.

The EP begins with a calming ukulele tune, “Shoreside”, complete with dreamy imagery about finding love with someone by the ocean. The song makes a serene start to the EP and serves as the perfect intro track to the projects' overall vacation theme. The track comes to an end with white noise and sounds of flicking between radio stations (ironically, the songs are all Kojau and Glou’s), and sounds of waves crashing on the shore. Perfectly transitioning into the upbeat track “Bayside”, captures Kojau and Glou’s R&B sound. The song lyrics serve a fun-loving message about meeting a girl on vacation and establishing a romantic connection that seems too good to be true. With a modern beat supporting the 'Vacation Love' theme, the next track “Cookie” serves a similar message with more of an island sound, incorporating a marimba-type beat. This track also perfectly supports the theme of “Vacation Love”, providing lyrics that portray the developed feelings for the girls they met while staying in Miami, Florida.

With the last musical track, “Cognac”, Kojau and Glou continue the theme of beachside dreams with a catchy Pop / R&B beat. With lyrics like “Vacation’s where I should be, dreams about you and me, if only it was meant to be”, the song brings storytelling to the theme of summer love, and realizing how valuable vacation is, and not wanting to go back to reality. The outro track, “Tiki Talkin” ties the albums together. 'Vacation Love' is an exceptionally authentic EP that produces beachside imagery. Kojau and Glou have perfectly captured the theme of summer love through exceptional lyrical storytelling, complex and catchy production techniques, and meticulous track listing. The EP 'Vacation Love' is one to take a listen to.

Listen to 'Vacation Love' here.

Hey Kojau, Welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re incredibly excited to feature your latest EP 'Vacation Love'! Could you share with us how you and Glou found inspiration for the EP?

The EP started coming together when we made Cookie last summer. We wanted to capture a laidback beach vibe and just tell a funny love story. Once we made Cognac, we knew we wanted to make a whole project and what followed was Bayside, which was the final track that brought it all together.

You’ve mentioned that you develop as an artist by co-working with other artists. Is there any genre in particular that you feel your music best coincides with?

Overall, my goal as an artist is to push myself to experiment with different genres that I love and find ways to put my spin on things. But ultimately, my voice sits very comfortably in a contemporary R&B/cloud rap mixture the best, I'd say.

You have quite a broad sound to your music, who were some major influences and inspirations for you as an artist?

My inspirations are vast, but just to name a few, I'd say Kanye West, Mr Carmack, Mac Miller, and Childish Gambino. Kanye West is number one because he wasn't the best rapper, but he made some of the most complete music I heard growing up, and he was a trailblazer for the transition from gangsta rap, and 808s and Heartbreaks helped kickstart the current trend of hip hop.

You’re working on 2 other EP’s to be released this year! That’s quite impressive! How do you find time to balance your career as an artist with your personal life?

It's definitely a challenge managing my time, but as I've been making music for almost 6 years now, I have a very consistent workflow, and I set up a studio space in my basement, so I can take 30 minutes or so out of my day and punch out ideas. Whenever I'm out and about, I carry a few of my songs and beats with me and listen to them, critiquing them and writing lyrics.

Your sound is extremely catchy and definitely something to see live. Are there any upcoming shows or tours in the near future?

We are planning to get some shows (and maybe some merch) out as early as this upcoming summer, but nothing is set in stone just yet!





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