Get swept away by the contagious pop melodies of “Shut The Lights Out” by Shelter Cove

Murfreesboro, TN pop-rockers Shelter Cove are keeping the art of pop-rock alive and well with their newest release. Driving with sweeping instrumental warmth, smooth guitars and an equally smooth yet emotionally loaded leading voice, Shelter Cove presents a superbly written song and the band’s seventh release of the year, “Shut the Lights Out”.

Vocalist Abbie Garrett and guitarist Ethan Forrest met in 2013 and have been making music together ever since. In 2016, the two met Andy Modaff, a drummer from Chicago, Illinois, who became the final member of the pop band named Shelter Cove. “Shut the Lights Out” leads with a quickly likable, uplifting rock vibe that’s softened by these widely accessible, pop-inspired melodies, made all the more interesting for their underlying story-line. Blending powerful vocals with a clearly skillful display of musicianship, “Shut the Lights Out” pours through and offers something that’s quickly immersive. It’s subtly powerful, bringing together a high energy set-up and a long-form melody-line, progressing perfectly into that anthemic hook. Superb guitar-work sees things to an intense finish that envelops the listener and feels awesomely nostalgic. What a band and what a song! Shelter Cove is absolutely worth looking out for.

Check out “Shut The Lights Out” here!