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Golden B.C. Masters The Art Of Storytelling In,"Rachel"

Making an accidental debut in 2006, Golden B.C. was founded by Brian Offredi. Taking this happy fortuity and playing upon it, what started as folk-rock to prog concept albums, has now transitioned into an electronic universe filled with the drive of constant evolution. Being a huge Lou Reed fan, Golden B.C. comes to us with the uptempo rhythm of "Rachel."

Tapping into a perspective that showcases the two sides of a relationship, Brian Offredi placed himself in both the shoes of Lou Reed and his girlfriend at the time, Rachel.

Pushing his creativity to the fullest, this stroke of imagination is told in a way that places an innovative spin on the talents that Golden B.C. emanates so well. Making this a song that favors the repeat button, "Rachel" allows you to get lost in the reminiscent hues of storytelling at its finest.

Check out the full BuzzMusic interview here.


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