Grab Your Camera and Get Ready for the Spectacle of a Painting Martize Presents With “Bml”

Martize is a Chicago based songwriter, rapper, and producer whose music is all about painting a storytelling picture. Since starting his career, Martize numerous singles, an album, and now has released another jaw-dropping single along with Summer Sentinel, “Bml”. This release is full of charm, instantly we feel like we are young again and are living through the best moments of life. There is a great pushing feeling here that is present throughout the whole tune, it constantly drives us to the next section of the record. As “Bml” goes on, a vividly colorful image slowly begins to form that resembles the story of someone trying to forget a bad memory.

This record features an extremely intricate guitar that plays super quick riffs that carry throughout the tune, a dirty Chicago classic drum kit, and honest vocal performances from both Martize and Summer Sentinel that carry through tons of emotion while also dynamically evolving with effects. The flip within the flow from the two performers gives a great change of pace and perspective that allows for both an A and B side of the story to be told. This release has a very unique vibe to it and we cannot wait to hear what else Martize is cooking up.

Check out "Bml" here.

Hey there Martize! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We are loving your latest single “Bml” with Summer Sentinel, how did you come up with the concept behind this record? At what stage was Summer Sentinel brought in?

The concept came from a moment in my life where I just felt like the energy around me wasn’t as genuine and certain as I would like so I decided to write expressing ways that made me feel. Summer Sentinel was actually bought in on the first draft, way before I even had to verses for this song.

Both you and Summer Sentinel deliver incredible lines, what was it like to work together? How did the two of you meet? What was the recording process like in the studio?

Thank you so much, greatly appreciate that. It was a great creative process, though we didn’t work in the studio together the conversations over this song were always progressive. Me and Sum, met through my brother Sh@nno, who actually produced this song.

In “Bml" there is a super interesting guitar riff that remains throughout the record, what was the inspiration behind this? Was it created before any lyrics or did it come after?

The guitar actually was on the record before any lyrics were laid. The guitar drove this song, when I first heard it I was blown away.

The inspiration came from some loops Sh@nno found on splice then combined them which is how came up with great energy for the song

Since your first release “500 degrees”, how do you think you have grown musically and as an artist from then to where you are now? How do you project yourself evolving in future releases?

I’ve think I’ve grown in so many ways but most importantly I’d say I’ve grown the most with my writing techniques. It’s easier for me to translate my ideas and flip them to express my thoughts. Aside from writing vocally, I’ve taken a huge leap and I’m extremely proud of that. As far as future releases, I think I’ll be accepted as more of an artist than a rapper, which has always been my goal. I’ve grown in many ways since this release but so has my brothers/producers, which I’m extremely grateful for.. Thirteen53 and Sh@nno.