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Gregory Luster Gives Us An Insight On Who He Is With His New Single “I'm From”

Fearless, determined and humble are just three of the many adjectives we can use to describe Gregory Luster, a thirty two year old multi-faceted rapper, songwriter and producer who was born in Charlotte, NC but spent half his life living in Kannapolis. Gregory Luster started as a gospel singer and later became a member of a group called Amoure. However after years of member changes and eventually different visions and artistic ideas, Gregory parted ways from the group.

Gregory Luster recently released his masterful single titled “I'm From” and we were impressed by the riveted vocals and inventive progression throughout the song. “You See, I come from a place, where people like me, they don’t make it. You either dead, or in jail, there’s no in between.” The introduction of the record immediately starts off with thought-provoking lyrics before Gregory Luster continues to use his personal life experiences into a cultivating flow. The soaring single promotes more a positive feeling with a “cocky” attitude yet delivered in a more light-hearted and joyful expansion. It’s the perfect song to listen too when you feel as if you accomplished something you were told you wouldn’t accomplish. Gregory is an inspirational artist who radiates motivation through his artistry and music and we were thoroughly impressed with this track. Bravo Gregory!

Listen to "I'm From" here and get to know Gregory Luster in our interview below!

Tell us a little bit about the single “I’m From” and what inspired you to write this?

The beat itself was produced by my best friend Sean Streater (S.E.A.N.). He made the beat a while back and actually sat on the beat. He thought it was straight, but didn't really see the full potential. One day he emailed me some beats and this particular beat was one of those. He told me do what you want with any of them. I INSTANTLY connected with this beat and literally wrote this song in a day. Thinking about all of the things I've been through in my past definitely played a part in the song writing process.

Coming from a gospel background, would you consider yourself solely a gospel artist? Or do you like to expand your style of music to more of a variety of genres?

Honestly, I love what Lecrae says. "I am a Hip Hop artist who just happens to be a Christian." I love God AND different styles of music. I don't like to put myself into a box and say I can only create this type of music. I love challenges. So, if I'm vibing with a beat or instrumental you never know WHAT direction I'll go with it. 

In your opinion, how do you write the perfect song?

Well, I don't think any song can be perfect. There's always going to be SOMETHING that you or someone else thinks that could've been changed. However, you can create GREAT songs. It's all about the connection the artist has with the music he is given. Good production, good song writing techniques, and good engineering is the recipe for great songs.

After parting ways from the group, do you feel as if you have more artistic freedom? If so in what ways!?

Well, I wouldn't say more artistic freedom because I had that then. Plus, being in a group didn't have anything to do with it because I'm currently with N.E.M.G. I believe everyone had a different vision for their lives and the group. Plus, everyone was living their life and we were going our separate ways. If anything, it allowed me to get closer to God. 

What’s next for you through 2019?

I'm currently recording songs for my upcoming EP entitled "Manifestation". No release date yet. We will be shooting videos for some songs too. We also are working on a collaborative N.E.M.G. project and solo projects for the rest of the group. So stay tuned!


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