Hasani Yung Captures Our Attention With Lustful Track "Too Fine"

Hasani Yung is back at it with brand new music, and we're incredibly hyped to be featuring his latest track! As a Canadian artist, Hasani started music with the utmost passion involved and has flourished as an artist within the time he's been writing and singing. As an artist who fell in love with the music world, Hasani has an incredible amount of vigor he brings to the table when producing his music. Hasani Yung captures the essence of inspiration and motivation and embeds it within his musical offerings (and it isn't hard to distinguish the raw element of either once they're presented). Hasani speaks his truth, and that's all we can genuinely ask of an artist at the end of the day! His music does not adhere to a specific category--he ensures that his sound is contemporary, yet incorporating the right amount of old-school aspects. We're confident in Hasani's ability as an artist, and we can always expect to receive quality creations from him.

Next up, his latest track "Too Fine"! "Too Fine" is the type of track will get your sensations going for sure! It's a laid back melody, with the catchy vocal delivery from Hasani. He incorporates a variety of grooves and tempos into "Too Fine" to make it a lavish experience for any listener. We feel completely enveloped into the sound of Hasani, and the natural flow he has acquired with his vocal execution. "Too Fine" is a song that encaptures the essence of lust, and will tell a story to listeners about how powerful lust can be. Hasani Yung is bringing an innovative production sound with "Too Fine", and we find ourselves wanting more from him as the song ends! "Too Fine" glides across your senses, and you'll easily find yourself moving along to the underlying beat (as we all do when we come across an incredibly catchy melody)! Can't wait to see what comes from Hasani's curations next!

Give a listen to "Too Fine" here, and keep reading for our interview with Hasani!

Hey Hasani! Welcome back to our platform! How has the music world been treating you so far throughout 2019?

Appreciate y’all, feeling welcomed, Music World has been treating very well this year, gain lots of brand new fans, feeling grateful to have more eyes and ears listening to my sounds in the markets I actually wanna be in. Humbled to have dope supporters(Fans)  that always engage and hit me up to request new tunes for them to vibe to. So 2019 has been a blessed year for me.

We immediately found that "Too Fine" captured an alluring melody with lustful vocals! It's what caught, and ultimately kept our attention! What was the overall mood you wanted to set for listeners in this particular track?

The overall mood I wanted to set for listeners in this particular track was to create something people can vibe to, to feel the track no matter where they at, club, house parties,  car, at home...even at work(don’t get fired lol) A track people can have fun with.

How did the songwriting and recording process execute for "Too Fine"? Did you fall into any creative slumps while initially writing the track, or does the curation process flow naturally for you?

Nah no creative slumps, Usually when I start writing everything flows very naturally the more I listen to the beat the more ideas I create..its like I find the idea for the track and then I visualize the mood of the track and everything just comes and I just build  the song up..and the process of that is super dope to me you know and it won’t stop and also helps because I been in lots of situations like that lol.

Tell our readers more about your definitive aspirations as an artist! What would you say is the ultimate goal, artistic wise?

My ultimate goal artistic wise is to conquer different parts of the world with my music, different cultures, different countries, people with different backgrounds just listening and vibing to my tracks that feeling is priceless. I'm really shooting for A Grammy, a B.E.T. award etc Somethin lol not for any validation but to show the people from where I come from that we can reach those levels. #angola

Thanks for sharing your recent music here on BuzzMusic! A pleasure to have you here Hasani! Any parting words for the BuzzMusic readers?

I appreciate y’all and keep listening. A lot more where that came from. Thank You