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“Highway Sounds” Is The Closure Chris Micheal Needed

Bringing “Highway Sound” to life as the feel-good driving down the highway tune chalked full of inspiration, Chris Micheal wants to share the connection with fellow listeners. Well-known for being a dynamic vocalist filled with passion and emotion, the song’s optimistic origin traces back to how Chris felt where he grew up, “a fly on the wall of the big city.” The outskirts train town surrounded by urban industries and farming was full of bars, and drinking sorrows away seemed to be the only thing to do to pass the time. After losing the love of his life, Chris shortly after skipped town, but this record serves as a testament to how he would have liked it to go and brought forth some internal closure. When you listen to “Highway Sounds,” you’ll hear how Chris Micheal’s country rock sound maintains plenty of traditional Nashville elements and perfectly fits into the scope of being a model-driving melody. With robust percussion and soothing guitar riffs, Chris Micheal creates a profound atmosphere of reflection and introspection. Currently working on a seven-track album and eager to potentially hit the stage at some of his favorite music festivals, Chris Micheal’s poignant stories create a highly relatable atmosphere we hope many can relate to.

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