Holdfast. Releases Their Cool, Calm, and Collected Music Video for, "I'll Be Waiting For It"

Hailing from Fort Collins, CO, the Alternative-Rock band Holdfast. returns with a one-shot music video for their thrilling single, "I'll Be Waiting For It."

The likes of Tommy, Mikey, and Charlie Maddocks are continuously swooning listeners, and this hit is no exception.

We've seen Holdfast. release engaging and intriguing singles for quite some time now, and we're always eager to feature the band's sugary stylings. Continuing to broaden their fanbase outside of Colorado, the boys are gearing up to stand out amid the Alt-Rock world and are quickly doing so.

Through their latest music video for their single, "I'll Be Waiting For It," minimalism is the name of the game, as we see one four-minute scene of Holdfast. packed in a car and driving around a luscious landscape.

While the lead vocalist Charlie Maddocks mouths the words to his own vocals, and Tommy Maddocks rhythmically slaps his knees while Mikey Maddocks bops his head in the back, we love the one-shot concept that the boys deliver.

Listening to the song itself, "I'll Be Waiting For It," begins with plucky electric guitar and warm synths, all while the power of the surrounding instrumental throughout liven the Alt-Rock experience.

While Charlie Maddocks starts singing of our constant routine and measuring our time in breaks, we feel a chill and a thrill through his dynamic vocals that sink into the track's low-end while shimmering with his bright falsetto at the hook.

The deep and gripping bassline by Mikey Maddocks offers intense heat while accompanied by Charlie Maddocks tight electric guitar and Tommy Maddocks fierce percussion stylings. While Holdfast. grooves away to their song within their music video, we can see why they offered this minimalist approach, as it allows listeners to take in every inch of passion that the song provides.

Through their uplifting and bright single, "I'll Be Waiting For It," Holdfast. gives listeners an exciting experience while jamming away to the masterpiece they've created within their one-shot music video.

You've graced our ears with another textured single, "I'll Be Waiting For It." What inspired the creation of this single?

We have been playing “I’ll Be Waiting for It” at our live shows for at least three years. My cousins and I wrote it after playing a gig at the Bluebird Theatre in Denver, CO in 2017. It was one of the biggest venues we’d played at the time, and is one of those gigs that will stick with us forever. Just walking out to a huge crowd that was so enthusiastic about our music was an amazing feeling - and we wanted to capture that in a song. The song is mainly about feeling like you’ve put in all the hard work possible in order to achieve your dream, and you’re just left waiting for your moment to arrive. Mike, Tom, and I started Holdfast in 2011. Our goal has always been to reach as many people as we can with our music and to hopefully play stadiums one day. “Waiting for It” feels more relevant than ever for the three of us, especially with the live music industry being shut down this year.

Speaking on your music video for "I'll Be Waiting For It," why did you want to create a simple one-shot video? How does the video compliment the single?

After shooting our first big production with “Walls,” we wanted to try something completely opposite for this video. Ryan Frazee directed both videos, and he’s been a blast to work with. “Walls” has a whole story to accompany the song, and took months to put together. With “Waiting for It,” it gives people a chance to see us together as a band. We always jam out to our new mixes in the car, so this was a really fun shoot for us. Ryan really understands the message of our songs from the moment he hears them. We’re comfortable letting him take the lead on what we want to do visually for the music video. With “Waiting for It,” the continuous shot just felt right. We wanted our fans to feel like they’re in the car with us. There’s also something about it that reminds me of how everyone’s felt this year - being cooped up and just longing for things to get back to normal.

What was the shooting process like for your music video "I'll Be Waiting For It"? We can see a little bit of the BTS at the end of the video, did you have a team help record and capture the experience?

We shot the video with Ryan Frazee, along with his crew, Ben Ward and Becky Donnelly. Ryan and Becky are a couple who’ve been a huge part of the Northern Colorado film community for years. Ryan primarily works as a director, and Becky is a make-up artist, and it’s really cool to see them collaborate on set. Ben is an amazing photographer who we’ve had the pleasure of working with on both of these videos. My dad was gracious enough to let us use his 1991 Honda Prelude for the video. Thankfully we made it through most of the shoot before the car battery died on us!

Might we see "I'll Be Waiting For It" on your upcoming album "Stay and Fight" on January 8th, 2021? Do you plan on creating other music videos for the songs on the project?

Yes, this song will definitely be on “Stay and Fight.” We initially released “I’ll Be Waiting for It” in October of 2018 as part of our EP “Hard to Blame,” but we wanted to release the remaster ahead of the album. Our friends Randall Kent and Chris Beeble produced and mixed this single, as well as the entire album. We have a few more releases planned for this album that we’re really excited about.

What can listeners expect to hear next from you? Do you have any other releases lined up before the end of the year?

We’re currently shooting another video for a brand new single that will be out before the end of the year. Be on the lookout for that, and of course the whole album dropping in January! We’ve planned a few socially-distanced release shows for February that will be announced soon as well. Also, our online store will be launching in the next few weeks with some new merch items from “Stay and Fight.”