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Inart Thrives in the Spotlight With His Latest Release, "BBS"

Inart is a genre-defying, artist-advocating musician based in Lagos, Nigeria; the proclaimed hub of African creativity and innovation.

Born Oghenetega, Ovbagbedia, He discovered his passion for music earlier on in high school amongst peers who doubted his innate talent and ability to make timeless and engaging musical compositions. From which came the adoption of his name Inart, which is an acronym for I‘M NOT A RAPPER THOUGH.

Fresh off the release of his five-track EP, ‘MERAKI,’ Inart delves into his experience of life through the alternative rap project’s collection of songs. Within the edgy soundscape of “BBS,” which stands for Big Black Sienna, we hear the intriguing essence of the song creep into the speakers through enticingly ominous keys.

The moment the beat drops, you’re surrounded by the mellow tones which are accompanied by the vibrancy of upbeat percussion patterns swarming the sound waves. Dipping into a smooth fusion of Afro-Swing meets Hip-hop tenors, the passionate overflow of carefully crafted lyrics is brought to the front and center of the composition as we hear a reverberated performance sweeping us into a state of hypnotism. That’s what Inart’s music will do to you.

There’s a constant flow that trickles into the back of your mind that has you perceiving his music in ways that go beyond the sounds heard, and tiptoe into the rush you embrace through thought-provoking words crafted. “BBS,” have you bouncing to the sweet sounds before you, as you become fixated with the artistic virtuoso that Inart has to offer. Through melodic flows that are backed by meaning, Inart continues to take strides in involving his audience in his webs of increasingly juicy narratives.

Listen, here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Inart. “BBS,” has an extremely infectious energy and we’re living for it! Where did the inspiration for this song come from? What significance does it hold to you?

BIG BLACK SIENNA is one of the most important songs out of Nigeria this year. Although being widely accepted in clubs mostly for having a groovy tone to it, it’s more of a statement than a song. This song portrays the sad reality the Nigerian youth is subjected to as a result of gross misconduct by the Police. Police brutality has slowly become a norm and one of the biggest problems in this country that’s already facing enough challenges as it is. The song gives an insight into why the “End Sars” movement was started and why it immediately became a global trend. The core inspiration for this song is from my life experiences with police

In terms of the ‘MERAKI,’ EP, how do you find that the “BBS,” song fits into the themes and concepts heard on the project?

BBS is perfect as the second song off the project because it continues the story of leaving home from the first song. It tells you what comes next after leaving home, the first hurdle I encounter, THE POLICE. It makes the whole story “Meraki” a complete tale. The project is basically incomplete without any of the songs on there.

Compared to other projects that you’ve released, what are some similarities and differences you’ve noticed through the creative process?

Meraki was made at a time where my artistry began to develop from someone that makes music into a proper artist that makes music for a living unlike when I worked on my mixtape pink blue. Although all of Meraki was made out of my bedroom, parlor, or lounge, just as in pink blue, but this time the growth was evident in the delivery, the cadence, and the general quality of the sound. It all came together with Meraki. The quality of engineering was different, we used professional studios in about 3 different sessions. Meraki really established me as an artist ad the songs that have been made ever since we finished recording Meraki are surreal

As an artist, what message do you aim to send out with the music that you create?

Positivity and transparency. I make true music with real-life experiences. I just look to spread positivity self-belief and value through my music. It's very ok to be true to yourself regardless of where you find yourself in life.

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