INFINITIES Debuts Their Skill Set With Brand New Single, "LMK"

Adelaide-based Emo Hip-Hop artist Bianca Nilsson goes by the moniker INFINITIES. The name comes from the idea of having multiple loves that will live on forever for infinity.

Through infectious grooves that melodically take the passenger seat of this composition, INFINITIES convey their heart on their sleeve as we tour the melancholy that resides in a single like, "LMK." With the song's intimate narrative stemming from a poem written by INFINITES one night at 3 am, "LMK" cherishes the memory of a past love interest that would always tell INFINITIES that she loved them during the worst times possible.

Standing up for the courageous abilities that we hold when faced with the control of our emotions, the heartfelt hues that INFINITIES brings to life is rather uncanny. The more delicate sentiments draw us towards a memorable narrative for INFINITES and their fan base. "LMK" takes us into a newfound dimension of the uncertainty that love can bring. The hardships that we deal with in the name of love become more apparent on our trek to adoration.

INFINITIES does an impeccable job at allowing us to feel this as they confidently uniquely profess their introspective lyrics. Coming from the heart, there is no doubt in our minds that INFINITIES will be going places. Keeping up the momentum on a vulnerable offering that displays pieces of themselves, "LMK" hits us right where it hurts yet simultaneously feels good.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, INFINITIES Congratulations on the release of "LMK." As a newer artist on the scene, could you please tell us what sparked your inspiration to showcase your creativity to the world?

I’ve been writing lyrics for years, it has also been the number 1 way through my heartbreaks. About 2 years ago I started taking singing lessons as I’m not a natural, I knew I wanted to share my stories through my own music. INFINITIES is my alter ego is how I get through the pain I feel!

What is your favorite lyric from "LMK"? Why does this resonate with you the most?

The lyric I resonate with most would be:

And you won’t remember you said you loved me back

You don’t get to play me like that

But I’m too soft and run right back

I would always run back to toxic relationships because I loved the thrill of them. I’m proud now to look back at this lyric and say I've walked away each time I get treated in a way I don’t deserve. There’s a lot of growth and self-love there.

Which musical and non-musical influences do you allow to speak into your creativity?

I don’t have just one or two specific musical influences but the style of music I make is definitely heavily influenced by a lot of artists in the emo rap scene. It’s one of my favorite genres of music and I get to be my 100% authentic self when I bring my sounds to life, but I’m only able to do that because I am lucky enough to work with such incredible creatives that I feel comfortable with and can be vulnerable around.

What do listeners have in store from you on your future endeavors?

I’m going to be consistently releasing singles this year. Listeners can expect a lot of high-quality content from me. I’m also going to be doing an Australian tour at some point this year which is really exciting! I’m dedicated to my art, consistency, and self-belief are key!