Interview: Argentine Rapper Analog Is Changing The Game

Welcome, Analog, to BuzzMusic! We are intrigued by your experimental, grimy and hard-hitting staple sound. Can you explain why changing the views on Latin rap is important to you?

Working in the US, I've definitely noticed a stigma as to what Latin music is expected to be. I absolutely love the more traditional-sounding styles of Latin trap, reggaeton, and all those popular, dance-inspired tracks. But, I think that a lot of people from the outside don't realize that there's a much wider variety of genres that Latin American artists do other than just those- which is why I would love to help bring that to light, as a part of this new wave of emerging Latin artists who are each doing the same thing. On top of that, especially being a huge fan of American rappers such as Denzel Curry, JID, and JPEGMafia, I always try to incorporate some of those fresh, new, heavy-hitting sounds and bring them to the Argentine rap fanbase as well.

For those who may not know, you have composed international TV ads. Any ads that we would know, and can you explain the inspiration behind those works?

Most of these ads were for Argentine TV, and I worked on them whenever I was back home. I worked for some pretty big brands, mainly cosmetic and health products, so the music I've done for them has always been more family-friendly and industrial - completely different than the style of my own music. I've always seen that as more of a job, selling my music as a product based on what these brands wanted, whereas my own music as an artist has always been my creative outlet with a deeper inspiration.

As a goal-driven rapper and producer, who intends to release a new song every single week until the end of the year, starting with “Pesada”, can you explain how each song may or may not be connected?

These songs aren't part of an album, so they're not trying to be connected through a "storyline", or stylistic progression between them. Having said that, I think that all of these songs are still tied together by their overall concept: being short, straight-to-the-point, heavy-hitting, experimental, and catchy. Hopefully, the listeners will feel that the production is an interesting new take on Latin rap that they haven't heard before, while the catchy vocals will make them want to replay each song at least a couple times.

What was the message you wanted to convey with your song “Pesada”?

I chose "Pesada" to be my first song to release from this project because I felt like it captured and summarized the overall concept and sound for these upcoming releases really well. Despite the track not having a hook, it really allows the evolving, aggressive production to shine through under the cocky, laid-back rapping which flows over it. There's a single rhyme-scheme throughout the entire thing, and it delivers the sound I'm trying to convey in a very short, straight-to-the-point package.

How do you see the future of Analog’s sound evolving in the coming years?

I definitely want to keep on learning and to continue improving my production and rapping with every one of my future releases. Even though I don't see myself getting as out-there and experimental as, say, JPEGMafia, I definitely still want to push the envelope of Latin rap further than I've been able to so far, without making my music be too inaccessible for new fans, whether that is rapping, producing for other artists, or both. 

What's next for Analog as 2019 comes to an end?

Considering I dropped my last album, "1281", just a couple months ago, on top of putting out all of these singles now, I probably won't release any new, big solo projects any time soon. Once the year is over, I want to focus more on working as a producer as opposed to a rapper, at least for a while. I actually have some really exciting new projects that I'm working on with other artists, which will be announced pretty soon. I also definitely want to plan some live shows around the US East Coast as well as back home in Argentina, which I'm really excited about too. In short, even though I might not release any new solo music for a little bit, I still have no plans to stop working on new content to put out there, so definitely keep an eye out.

Listen to "Pesada" here