Isaac Snow Whisks Listeners Away with His Serene Release: "Run Away"

Indie artist Isaac Snow is back with his melancholic, lighthearted musical persona, and this time, he's offering listeners a carefree environment to bask in. Isaac Snow is known for creating airy soundscapes that are polished and unpolished in the most appropriate ways. Isaac is the kind of artist that leaves anticipation for relaxation, and once you give one of his songs listening to, there's a high chance you'll find yourself unwinding. South London's Isaac Snow is all about finding his true artistic identity, and his latest track, "Run Away," brings him one step closer to establishing the essence of his sound.

Embedding rich and lambent productions alongside his almost ethereal vocal sense, Isaac Snow showcases his leisurely spirit with "Run Away." The song begins with a soft guitar presence that holds itself consistent throughout the entirety of itself. The storyline of "Run Away" tracks along with the perspective of Isaac Snow regarding hardship and personal battles with one's own decisions. There may even be a time where you find yourself almost blending with the mindset of Isaac Snow, melting into each and every word he says, and having a newfound understanding of what it is he's getting across within the song. "Run Away" was incredibly tranquil, and we found that it's fitting for a night where you're wanting to mellow down.

Would you say that the goal of the song was to inspire listeners to feel harmonious? Do you typically have expectations on what you're wanting your listeners to take away from your music?

I wanted the song to resonate with people, I wanted them to connect to its message and for them to find solace in the music. The song is about trying to find your place in a world where we are so connected but have never been so far apart. It is about longing for a sense of identity. I think a lot of people have these feelings and I wanted to express that, and for people to listen to it and find peace in the fact that they aren't alone in those feelings. Ultimately, that was my goal, and if that inspires people to feel harmonious then I am satisfied. I normally want my listeners to take something away from my music, with music like this that is so raw and personal, you can't listen to it passively. You have to actually connect to what it is saying and how it relates to your life, in whatever way that may be. I want my music to inspire something in people and I want it to mean something to them. Without giving too much detail, are you able to describe the essence of "Run Away" and what a new listener can expect to understand regarding the song's message?

Run Away is about longing for a sense of identity. It is about wanting to belong somewhere. No matter who you are, everyone has that desire. It is about being stuck in a place where you maybe feel like you don't belong and searching for something else. I believe a new listener is able to listen to this song and connect to it on that level, everyone's either running from or running toward something in their lives. Within the last few months, how would you describe the way you're staying connected with your listeners and with your own music?

I am a new artist so right now my priority is connecting to new listeners and making sure people are hearing my music. I try to be active on Instagram, posting visuals, and music through there. I think if the music is good enough people will listen and stay connected, I think my music is bigger than 'me' as a brand but Instagram is the best way to stay connected. Following the release of "Run Away", do you have any immediate plans to do any live broadcast shows to debut the single?

I have an exciting live video session coming soon, I will be recording an intimate live acoustic session of both of my new singles and debuting an acoustic version of a new one. I am also planning to drop regular singles and visuals over the coming months so watch this space - this is just the beginning. What has been keeping your inspired and motivated throughout these tough times?

I have tried to stay inspired by writing and recording music. I am constantly writing new songs and trying to experiment with my style more. I have taken up the piano which I have found has been great to focus on and invest myself in. Otherwise, I have been reading a lot and trying to stay active as well as working in my full-time job from home. Trying to keep yourself focused is an important thing.