Itamar Passes The Test Of Time With, 'Tomorrow Was Today'

Brooklyn-based Songwriter from Tel Aviv, Itamar, interlaces gripping melodies with raw lyricism. He forms adept arrangements supporting sincere, poetic-while-straightforward songs. Itamar embarked on a sonic journey from a young age, initially expanding his expression through saxophone performance and composition. Upon moving to Brooklyn, New York, he became entranced by popular music and contemporary production. Itamar's music is the product of this departure.

His latest four-track EP, 'Tomorrow Was Today,' exudes larger-than-life sounds as he collaborates with Yoni Mariner and O Mer, to bring the Pop flavor in this project the resonance it deserves. Touching on his tailored sound through numerous musical origins, Itamar delivers a profound exhibition of his talents.

'Tomorrow Was Today' begins with the eloquent introductory song, "One to Five." A lively ambiance pulsates through high-energy enthusiasm as we are greeted with instrumentation that bounces upon your mind. Itamar's performance welcomes you to the raw talent that the elusive soundscape conveys. You're immersed in the harmonious bliss of Itamar's expression through the delivery of his abstract poetic lyrics, "Everything's too much and never enough. Satisfaction is a cruise that never takes off." Exemplifying his life story as we cascade upon the victorious essence, Itamar sets a fortified tone in the effortless presence of "One to Five."

Slowing down the tempo as we sink into the reflective state of mind carried forth, "What You Are" delves into the depth of authentic themes to the core. Tight drum patterns board the rhythmic drive that chugs through sparse lyrics that fill out the song's spirit in a major way. Mesmerizing elements in the instrumentation transport your mind to reminisce on the wistful winding roads that life provides as part of the process. Itamar's tantalizing tone has you subjected to his warmth as distant; mind-altering saxophone components greet the musical composition in a golden moment that has you fixated on, "What You Are."

The title track of the striking, "Tomorrow Was Today," offers up a sizzle of funk as the enticing qualities have you up out of your seat and swaying from side to side in the manner that the heavy grooves move you both literally and metaphorically. Capturing moments of being lost in your mind, Itamar has you ready to surrender to the unforgettable lyrics in play. Gravitating towards the entrancing vocals that Itamar vulnerably exhibits, we are lured into the world of Itamar at our own will and love the inventive views from here.

As we come to the end of Itamar's EP, 'Tomorrow Was Today,' we reach a point where all of our senses are heightened in the comforting sorrows voiced in "Sirens." Speaking from the unknown and uncertainty, Itamar fuses his charismatic appeal with the inner truth weighing on his authentic being.

Placing hope in the realm of musical manifestation, Itamar sends out these words in full confidence that he can relate to his listeners as he draws them in, one sweet note at a time. As he has demonstrated through the entire project, he is capable of auditory art that you can texturize with your emotions.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Itamar, and congratulations on the release of, 'Tomorrow Was Today.' As you dive deep into your poetic side to produce emotional lyrics, what was your inspiration behind the theme of this project?

Thanks, BuzzMusic, good to be here! Initially, I think I was just getting things off my chest. I wasn’t trying to connect the songs thematically and wasn’t even thinking of them as one body of work necessary. However, with each song, something of a theme was revealing itself. In the end, it seemed like the whole time I’d been looking at the same thing from different angles, namely, the line between forming an identity and fabricating one.

Where did you come up with the inspiration for the name of the EP, 'Tomorrow Was Today?'

This title tries to capture the confusing expectation in my head to “keep up“ in an increasingly changing world and raises the question of whether there is actually something to keep up with. It seems so easy to just feel overwhelmed all the time, but I don’t want that. So I think about it, write about it, and try to act on it so I can be more present.

Out of the four songs that are on 'Tomorrow Was Today,' do you have a specific one that resonates with you more?

It’s interesting how different artists experience and relate to their own music. I’m not among those who can’t listen to it, but I also try not to indulge in it more than necessary (which to me is in the making and performing of it). When I come to it as a “listener” (inasmuch as I can do that), the way each song hits me changes quite often. So far there hasn’t been one consistently more resonant than others. I will say that Siren is possibly the one that I regard as best-written, although this may change too.

What would you like your listeners to take away from the music that you create?

In all honesty, whatever they find in it! One of my favorite things is playing a new song to a friend and realizing how different their ideas and interpretations are from mine. Through that experience, I find new meaning in my own music and I love it. I really think if I told listeners what to take, I’d ruin it for them (and I would feel the same as a listener).

What has been keeping you inspired to create music throughout 2020?

For a good part of 2020, creating has been difficult and I felt like I had to take a step back and observe, my surroundings as well as myself. Some of the things that have been keeping me inspired are working on music with other artists (wherever and whenever safely possible), spending more time experimenting in the studio, discovering new music (or old music that’s new to me, which is my favorite to discover) and finding a daily meditation routine.