Ito and the Moonlight Hippies Release Optimistic Hit, “Shine”

Ito and the Moonlight Hippies are ready to take you on an explorative journey with their new release, “Shine”. “Shine” is a song with an atmospheric arrangement that paints vivid images of a journey through warm key melodies in the instrumentation and soft vocal delivery. An amazing characteristic of “Shine” is the meaning behind the lyrics. “Shine” was written by Ito based on an awakening he had while coming out of a dark time. The uplifting vibe throughout “Shine” compliments the lyrics and the meaning of the song.

“Shine” has a spiritual aspect that curates exuberant and vibrant energy presented through the delicate guitar and poignant hook. “Shine” is the kind of song that’s meant to give us hope. Its positive aura projected onto the listener is perfect for when times get rough. The concept of “Shine” is personal to many people who go through emotional lows but comes out feeling more emotionally, mentally and physically stronger. Ito and the Moonlight Hippies did a fantastic job of showcasing their chemistry and optimism with a relaxed delivery. “Shine” is a notable single that will eloquently pierce your heart with a sense of uplifting desire to reach your spiritual awakening.

Listen to “Shine” by Ito and the Moonlight Hippies here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Ito and the Moonlight Hippies!  How has the journey been so far for you? What has been the most monumental moment in your career thus far?

This musical journey has been overall extremely beautiful. Every path has trials and challenges such as internal judgment and second-guessing important decisions, but with clear intentions and a strong support system, this has been a dream come true so far. I get to do what I love with my brother, and two of my best friends! What more could I ask for? The most monumental moment that happened in our career was our show at the HeartFire festival in upstate New York. it opened us up to play louder on a bigger stage with new people listening to our music! Sharing the headlines with Matisyahu was such a treat.

We loved the humanitarian aesthetic in your single “Shine”. Were there any key melodies with the instrumentation you were seeking to ensure a more uplifting vibe?

The song is written with very basic chord structures and melodic lines. The Ukulele has such a sound of peace, that when you listen to it, for whatever reason, you just feel happier. I'm not sure what it is about the instrument but its true. There is a line that opens the song that Is fast-paced and high pitched to really get the listeners' attention. I guess the metaphorical purpose of that is to encourage us to "snap out of it" or "Wake up" in a sense from the system subconsciously hypnotizing us into surrendering our own inner spark. So many of us struggle with depression and other emotional and spiritual hardships. Create more. Anyway, yes we are starting from the

ground up to bring some hope to the table.

How would you describe your songwriting approach towards “Shine”? 

I almost always end up starting a new song with the main chorus. When that is done and beautiful I usually build the verse and various other sections around it. Shine was a really fun one to write because it was written in a matter of about 2 hours. Completely. When the chorus was written I was able to openly and vulnerably channel the rest of it. Writing songs is an incredible thing for me because, really what it is, is the songs are writing to me. The songs are singing through me. To elaborate on that, My hands, my eyes, and my voice are used in Shine, but all I really did was channel the universe, or something, that just made it pop right out. There are no erase marks on the original lyric page. it all flowed out in one sitting exactly the way it was supposed to. I approach creativity without a desire to control what happens. Just let it flow man.

In what ways did you challenge yourself with the creative process of “Shine” and what did you gain from the experience?

The song just came out in one sitting, but it is a challenging song for me vocally. The melody is beautiful but there are high notes I added later in the song to push the envelope of my own ability. Vocal stamina is definitely a challenge in this tune. Also with a ukulele, you don't really expect it to be the lead instrument in a powerful rock song like Shine. That was fun to experiment with. Ive always wanted to break down walls that we put up and boxes that we keep creativity in. with all this, I gained a deeper appreciation for taking care of my voice. Shine is such a powerful and symbolic song for me, so I really want to show up every time we play it. you know what I mean?

Thank you for sharing with us Ito and the Moonlight Hippies! Knowing you’re on a musical journey filled with spirituality and love, what can we expect from your next destination?

Love is totally everything and we can always use more of it in our lives. No one would disagree with that. So hopefully the next destination for me is to share an entire album with this message of unity. Then we would love to take to the road and spread this music around North America. Look, the dream is always to share music and share moments of joy with people, but sometimes it's hard. Rather, most of the time life is hard and we all struggle and suffer. This song Shine aims to shatter a false truth that we are doomed inside ourselves. We are the light in the world, and we have the ability to come together and change everything. Shifting our collective consciousness towards a more sustainable future for generations to come. Anything coming next will be directly tied to that vision no matter what. There are brighter days to come!