James Worthy Showcases His Soft & Smooth Sound in "This Wave"

R&B/Soul artist James Worthy is breaking through the music community with his latest album "Kaleidoscopes". The album features such a luscious vocalism on James Worthy's end, perfectly displaying his most observable characteristic as an artist. Being released on all digital platforms, "Kaleidoscopes" features a prominent theme throughout, with each track giving another new perspective of James Worthy on various parts of life. James Worthy holds a certain texture within his sound that maintains a heavy 00's R&B feel, bringing us back to the most appeasing soundings from the time. His urban approach sets him apart from what we're currently hearing in the R&B scene, which is what makes James Worthy's music highlight itself so well.

If we had to name our favorite element to the way James Worthy maintains his sound, we'd have to say it's the sensual and incredibly smooth style he possesses. This kind of feature is majorly held consistent throughout his track "This Wave", which features artist Truth Hurts. The song comes right off of his album "Kaleidoscopes", and is more of a lax record that the album sees. We appreciate this new offering from James Worthy because we feel that this kind of styling he chooses to be persistent with throughout the album is very complementary to what he's capable of artistically. James Worthy has that ability to make every verse effortlessly flow out to the point where the song just easily glides itself. "This Wave" also features the alluring vocalism of Truth Hurts, and when her voice is integrated alongside James Worthy's voice, the product becomes even more complete. "This Wave" is the kind of track you'd want on your chill car ride playlist, where you can quite literally adventure along to the relaxing voice of James Worthy.

Check out "This Wave" by James Worthy here.


Welcome, James Worthy! The music scene has recently seen the release of "This Wave", a track right off your EP "Kaleidoscopes". How did this particular song resonate with you, contrasting to the other ones from the EP?

This was a special record to me because sonically it was something that I wanted to create for quite some time now. It was a song that helped me express similar stories that happened in real-time I wanted people to relate to. Each song has its own unique story, but this one had a certain energy that I couldn't refuse. 

What would you characterize the internal message to be from "This Wave"? How do you feel about the way your message was communicated across to listeners on this track?

The message was simply understanding the person you are with, but getting them to understand your value emotionally, and sexually. I think lyrically myself, and Truth Hurts conveyed our stories quite well.

How do you ensure that you successfully get your messages across to your listeners throughout the tracks you release? Do you find this to be a difficult aspect to your music, considering each track you come out with has such a contrasting message from others?

Well, the point of listening to a song is to feel something. Whether you are feeling the emotion of Happy, Sad, Angry, Heartbroken, etc. When I write I think about what emotion I want the listener to walk away with. Some songs will be different than others, because of the content, story, and tempo. At the end of it all, it isn't difficult to get the message across, because it's coming from a genuine and real place.

"This Wave" we saw collaboration from artist Truth Hurts. Working with various other artists in the past, how do you feel about the way this particular collab went? Do you find you click with almost every artist you work with? 

With this collaboration, it was amazing, to say the least. The truth was an artist that I've always wanted to collaborate with. I've worked together in the past musically on production, but this time I needed her voice on this record. I feel like this record shows that it isn't about popularity or genre, it's about connecting with people who want good music and appreciate it. 

Thanks, James Worthy! We love talking with artists about their music and the deeper elements behind their sound. Are you planning on releasing more music in the near future, or are you more so looking to take a break now that "Kaleidoscopes" is out?!

Yes, you will hear more music from me all 2020! New collaborations, Music Visuals, Television Appearances, and more to be announced! Thank You for having me.


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