Jay Greene is Back on The Scene with New Single "Curious"

Born in San Jose, California, Jay Greene is this year's smoothest MC looking to reintroduce himself into the Hip-Hop music scene with his latest single, "Curious." After taking a hiatus away from rap music, masterful MC Jay Greene seems invigorated to rap again. Nevertheless, that's how it feels on the brand-new track "Curious" — highlighting his most recent efforts to reacquaint himself with his first love.

This track is a triumphant showcase of the reborn MC's lyrical agility as he crosses smooth proposals that lament about the true love he could find with another. Over a pleasantly tempering synth line and a punchy drum beat, the hook takes your attention and sedates you into an addictive vibe. Throughout each verse, a thunderously sensuous tone with heavy articulation set the stage for the diversity in Greene's performance. "you can reel me in, tell me your life story now, fill me in," he laments in his suggestive rasp. He then spatters a gummy topline melody that sticks to you like toffee candy—"baby, are you curious?!"—sticking to the edges of our pallets as Jay displays his dominance over creating addictive hooks. In the same style as some of the 90s most iconic rap anthems, a thumping sample-based production highlights, without restraint, this song's pure engagement over the ears—a spread of an MC's aptitude on the microphone and evidence that Jay Greene hasn't lost footing on his endeavor to get his rapping career moving.

With captivating flow and a hook that sings like trumpets, "Curious" drives home the directions of his influential hip-hop music: Up up and away! Without a doubt, this veteran hip-hop prospect's return marks a milestone in the music industry this summer with this percussive and sensual hit.

Listen to "Curious" here.


Welcome back to BuzzMusic Jay Greene! We're psyched to be featuring your newest single, "Curious." Can you tell us more about the process in which this song developed for you?

Curious came together 12 years ago. I was at my boy LA’s house in El Paso Texas chilling in his studio when G.L. came in with the curious beat. It already the hook on it, and once I heard it I knew that was a hit. To this day “Curious” is the fastest song I’ve written.  Would you say your approach to this song was influenced in any way by the inspiration you find in your favorite artists from the '90s? 

I think “Curious” brings back that relationship between Hip Hop and R&B. Back when singers sang and rappers rapped. You look at those collaborations with Biggie and Total, or Meth and Mary, Foxy and Case we don’t hear those type of songs anymore and Curious I believe has that feeling of a classic hip hop and R&B collaboration we used to get from those Golden Era artist.  It must have taken some time to realize your own unique sound and character. In this time, what has been one of the most significant breakthroughs for your artistic stimulus? 

I’m not sure how I would characterize my sound today, but I can tell you since the beginning I never wanted to sound like anything on the radio. This is the era of biters, aside from DaBaby and Blueface I couldn’t tell these artists apart. I think I’ve been able to cut through the bullshit by not being a follower. The day I fall off is the day I auto-Tune my songs.  Thank you for coming back and sharing this new single with us! Can we anticipate any more impressive singles from you soon

I have some songs I’m really excited about coming soon. I can’t give any details yet but I think you’ll enjoy them. 

What can we expect to see next from you?

Like I always say, you’ll have to follow me on Instagram to find out what’s in the works.