JMB Serenades With His Refreshing Sound in “A Different World”

A serenading melody, a captivating video, and a poetic lyrical arrangement, JMB has just released a new hit love song “A Different World.” Poised with an infectious hook and enticing arrangement, JMB reels his listener in with a new cultivated mix of hip-hop and R&B that’s going to set this song greatly apart. JMB gives you a piece of his culture through the music. While listening to “A Different World” you instantly feel the magnetic vibe of the smooth-sailing aesthetic of Atlanta. It’s the perfect song to relax to, take a nightly drive and get lost with the music.

JMB is bringing back the feeling of raw R&B music that has got lost within the genre-shift. We were able to immediately connect ourselves with “A Different World” and become one unit with the music. There are layered elements to JMB’s vocal delivery that left a hint of unpredictability for the listener. “A Different World” was a riveting song with trailblazing transitions at the right timing to keep you excited and in-tuned with the music. JMB can undeniably be the newest face of R&B music if he continues his consistent streak of natural organic soul music like “A Different World” that will leave its lasting mark on his listeners.

You can listen to “A Different World” by JMB here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic JMB! Some say that the genre of R&B is the root of music today. Knowing the caliber and great impressions of the style, how do you manage to exceed past the expectations with “A Different World”?

What's up, I appreciate you all taking the time to interview me. For me, I just try to be as organic as possible with my music. Most of my music is Rnb influenced but does not necessarily follow the standard formula of what an Rnb song should be. I think my individuality in the genre and my lyrics/subject matter is how I exceed the expectations.

How did you manage to fuse your Atlanta influence with your music? Were there any direct influences in your song “A Different World”?

Atlanta music is known for having catchy melodies that have crazy replay value and for cadences where the rhyme pattern puts you in a trance. It's hard to deny the fact that the Atlanta formula/sound is an undeniable one. With that being said I always create from the standpoint of making the song memorable so finding the melody and cadence is normally where I start when creating. It's funny because once I finished recording "A Different World" I told my friend it gave off the energy of a Lil Baby or Gunna type record but about love, which wasn't planned by the way lol.

We noticed this romantic vibe in the lyrics to “A Different World”. What were your intentions with this song and in what ways were you able to personally relate to the lyrics?

My intentions were to create a record that made people feel something. I wanted to give all the lovers out there a record they could turn up to with their special someone. I also wanted to remind everyone out there who is trying to be heartless or too tough to show emotion that it's okay if you find someone who makes you feel a way. I pretty much can relate to the song word for word because I wrote it from the standpoint of what I'm experiencing right now and how the special someone in my life makes me feel.

What would you consider to be the most challenging aspect of creating “A Different World” and how did it challenge you?

The song really wasn't too challenging to make. During the creation process of the record, everything flowed smoothly and finding the melodies and cadences was pretty seamless. The most challenging part might have been putting lyrics to the song and making sure they were meaningful but still edgy enough to belong on the production of the record.

What can fans anticipate next from you JMB?

Fans and supporters can just expect more music to drop from the kid. Dropping a record later this month, releasing a project in the summer, and have more singles lined up for after that. I plan to apply pressure all 2020.