Join Us In The Spotlight KANDA’s New Uptempo Love Single “Kiss”

KANDA is a rapper, songwriter, and recording artist that draws us closer with his brand new single "Kiss." KANDA made his way through the industry with many successes on his shoulders, like getting radio plays and features from well-known stations like BBC intro and six music.

Listening to "Kiss" brings across a liveliness and passion that makes you forget all worries and brings an escape to the min. We're met with fiery energy and rap bars feisty enough to have you singing along. We love how KANDA drifts back and forth with intense melodic vocals and intriguing layers to show us his creative abilities.

This record will surely leave you yearning for some TLC, but maybe without the tenderness. We find that KANDA shares their emotional and physical experiences in a very sure way, something we could all learn from. "Kiss" isn't the last thing you'll hear from KANDA. The timeless records will keep coming as they add their unique spin and passion for keeping the music flowing

Catch Kanda and their new single "Kiss" here.