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Join Us In The Spotlight With Hannah Baiardi’s New Record, “How Do You Want Your Love”

Pushing the frugal limits of jazz-based sound is pianist, singer, and songwriter Hannah Baiardi. Hailing from Michigan, OH, Hannah Baiardi usually gives her audience a serene taste of gentle jazz harmonics with honest lyricism, often packing a real emotional punch. However, the recording artist has recently released music that expands the very boundaries of her sound.

"How Do You Want Your Love" was released with a music video that depicts her artistry through visual expression. Immediately the listener is engulfed with the smooth vocal tonalities that can establish an absolute velvety consistency to the record. "How Do You Want Your Love" has subtle and soft piano melodies that perfectly wrap around her voice, the most delicate sounds. In Hannah's recent interview with BuzzMusic, she explains that "How Do You Want Your Love" cherishes the aliveness and beauty of sensuality, regardless of how it is performed - it begins within us. "Our tenderness springs from inside and heals us. It is a primal life force, and that is what I am celebrating."

Hannah remained humble in mentioning that she had some challenges being open without her internal voice being the ultimate critic. Although she always has fun taming the inner crit, it was a "delicate dance of creation."

Check the full interview with the vibrant Hannah Baiardi, here.



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