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Join Us In The Spotlight With Rice As He Shoots For The “Starz”

Up-and-coming artist Rice reaches for the stars on his bright, new wave pop single "Starz."

Rice has been brought up around many instruments and sonics; he has received his experience from talent shows in the early stages of his career. Later exploring his passion for songwriting and music production, Rice found a deep love for the creative process. With a deep desire to uplift the spirit of the world and spread love throughout the cities, Rice has delivered one of his top records to date. Capturing the hearts and ears of supporters, he challenges his connection with the world. "Starz" presents a beautiful bold flare with its overall sound, setting the mood with feelings of freedom and bliss. The light summer esc bleeds through the record, allowing Rice to display his musical talent for the finishing touch fully. Rice compliments the starry, cosmic production with seamless melodies and a concept perfectly fitted for its surroundings.

We've sat down with the multi-faceted Rice and asked him how he created the concept behind "Starz." "We're all talented in different ways. It's just about finding what it is that makes you talented" - Rice. As he highlights the star qualities in every individual, there's no doubt he was made for the path ahead. "...everyone shouldn't feel as if they're not as good".

Inspired by the "woke" rap era, J Cole and Kendrick have resonated with and cultivated Rice's passion for putting the pen on the pad. "If we could have a Juice WRLD come back, that would probably be the number one artist for me." As seen in his ethereal sound selection and melodic choices, Rice has created his unique sound by blending the old and new eras of rap for an epic overall listening experience.

Read the full article and interview with Rice and Cosmic new single "Starz" here.

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