Jordan Taylor Moed is Making Electric Waves with his Latest Hit, “Finding Atlantis”

Jordan Taylor Moed is back with his powerful and electric new single, “Finding Atlantis.” From being the forerunner behind the heavy swing Rock n Roll band, Suspicious Minds, his success within his streams and constantly growing fan base, to his fruitful radio collaborations that have bridged gaps in the Rock n Roll genre, the time has come for the next chapter of Rock n Roll brilliance with this up and coming artist.

With a debut record on the way, Jordan Taylor Moed is proving why he’s one of the top guns in today’s Rock n Roll scene and gives you every reason why you should consider him too.

“Finding Atlantis,” opens with the powerhouse driving of the instrumentation in this standout Rock smash. The up-tempo elements greet Jordan Taylor Moed’s vocalization in a heavy performance that you could hear from Earth’s stratosphere.

The rugged edge and hardcore delivery tell a story about making the most of life’s uncertainties and instead of letting life beat you when you’re down, you continue trucking on and following your dreams to do the unimaginable, “Finding Atlantis tonight.”

“Finding Atlantis,” has you headbanging in your own living room as it carries forward present and distorted elements simultaneously, the key to a huge rock song.

Jordan Taylor Moed’s remarkable songwriting skills showcase the passion and drive that he brings with him as he continues to cement his name in the Rock n Roll scene. It is no wonder that the “Finding Atlantis,” rockstar is taking over the music industry.

Congratulations on the release of, “Finding Atlantis.” Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jordan Taylor Moed! Could you please tell us what the story behind this hit rock song means to you?

Thank you guys for having me and appreciate the awesome words! "Finding Atlantis" is about searching to find your inner peace or your inner personal "Atlantis" so to speak. I wanted to really touch upon the day to day struggles of a dreamer and the pursuit of staying on course with their dreams through these crazy times we live in. I originally started writing this song back in 2017 and I was in a real personal rut and depression about my career and where it was going. One night I was sitting out on my patio with a glass of whiskey in my hand and a cigar in the other and just looking up at the stars going "when will better days come my way, where my smile doesn't fade ''. Right then and there I had this idea for the song and it wouldn't be till 3 years later where the full idea would come to be. This song means the world to me because not only was this song a major step in my career as a solo artist but this song I got super personal to my life and struggles as a young dreamer grinding for his dreams and it took everything I had to get this song released which is a whole other story in itself but has become my biggest song to date and I'm beyond thankful for that.

What did the creative process look like when fashioning this masterpiece?

The first part of this song that came to be beside the chorus lyrics was the verse guitar riff. At the time I was really diving into The Strut's debut album and just loved how they were able to utilize these massive guitar riffs with even bigger vocals, which goes back to my roots in arena rock. So my goal was to make this song a modern-day arena rock anthem for everyone to see that going for your dreams is not a crazy thing, it's everything. I went through 4 or 5 re-writes on the lyrics but the song itself fell together quite quickly. The biggest thing was making sure the recording of this song really did the song justice. I recorded this song about 3 times and each time scrapping it because I didn't think it was there, the song needed to be bigger and it wasn't until I met and began working with my good friend Tristan Roberts, that I met someone who saw this vision with me of how big this song could be and how far it could go. When Tristan came on board, the song really went to levels that far exceeded my expectations.

Could you please take us into what it looks like when you structured the lyrics for “Finding Atlantis”?

It's gonna sound kind of crazy but I really structured this song lyrically based on a vision of a music video I could see for this song and how I felt during it. The lyrics are super intense about the frustrations of day to day rejection as most dreamers will go through, well most of us go through and the questions of life that we ask when nothing makes sense and nothing is working. But the biggest thing I wanted to do with the lyrics for this song was I wanted to give people hope, to have them know that they are not alone and no matter what life throws at you, you have to keep moving forward, and you can never give up. That's why I love the ying-yang effect that is happening here musically on this song. The lyrics are super personal to the frustrations like I said before but you have the music that is super positive and especially that final outro chorus that just makes you feel like all is well and you have achieved finding your Atlantis. To me, this song is super special and I hope people see that, but I also challenge them to find what they see in this song.

What would you like listeners to take away from this record?

I would love for them to know that this world may challenge you to quit your dreams, it may challenge you to give up or to not get up when you're down, but we need to for the sake of ourselves. This world needs hope and this world needs dreamers to innovate and we need to give hope to each other and support one another because we don't know what everyone is going through at a specific time. I want people to feel inspired to go for their dreams and when they get knocked down, feel empowered to get back up and keep trying.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? What can we expect to see next from you?

Coming into 2020, my main goal was to make major steps in my career, and with the covid outbreak and the shutdowns, I felt God telling me it was time for me to make those steps and start grinding as hard as I could and anything was possible. As of this month I have officially finished recording my debut solo album, Finding Atlantis has become my biggest song to date, I have been able to produce and collaborate for other artists and have been fortunate enough to get my music production studio (Crashline Studios) up and rolling full time. I feel blessed with this opportunity to work with all of these amazing musicians, producers, creatives alike, and be able to build my music career with it. What to expect from me soon is brand new music, I have new singles on the way and a brand new solo album coming in early 2021 which will also include some brand new music videos and with hope maybe if 2021 gets better, I would like to head out on the road again and start rocking audiences across the country with some brand new in your face rock n roll.