JRtheBand just released his fourth single of the year, “Not the Enemy”

What a refreshing artist! JRtheBand is unusual enough to intrigue, musically skillful enough to captivate and entertain, and lyrically fascinating enough to feel genuinely new. All of this fuses brilliantly to create a sound that’s engaging, effective, and utterly unique right now. JrTheBand officially has 4 singles released so far. His debut “Hologram” kicks into gear with a vocal tone and melodic development that appeals from the offset for its sense of personality and the sheer grit and melody combined. More than this though, “Hologram” is ready and waiting to be that addictive little anthem that gets you geared up to take on the weekend and the world with the best possible energy. Eclecticism runs wild throughout this record, though always holding close to those familiar, recognizable threads, the songwriting, the vocal performance, the mild theatrics, and clear emotion.

“Live My Grace” leads with a contagious simplicity, starting with quiet expression before exploding into something much more striking. That contrast works beautifully, and once again, the set-up is superb! Dashes of color and instrumental optimism help make an already attractive song all the more immersive and enjoyable. Impressing all the more so is JR’s songwriting that lets his original music stand so tall. These melodies hold your attention, and the stories told seem accessible and relevant yet presented in a new, exciting way. “Live My Grace” in particular is all of this, brilliantly fresh yet surprisingly relatable and easy to connect with. JR’s leading voice reaches peak identity and tone here.

“Jamaica” ft. YT Manderelli pours through with precisely the upbeat pop-rock edge required to keep things moving. Great guitar rhythm meets with a rising and falling melody that washes over like a hypnotic series of waves. Then you get the completely unexpected hook, stunning with rock and roll brightness and intensity. There are so many sides to JRtheBand, and yet once the music starts it’s a familiar enough sound to recognize the artist. YT Manderelliadds a spoken-word verse and a refreshing touch of dynamics to a tropical anthem. 

Just released is JRtheBand’s “Not the Enemy”, another absolute anthem that builds up awesomely, enveloping its audience and reminding them that a live show is likely to be where this sound really finds its feet. "Not the Enemy", explores how fear, uncertainty, doubt, and/or righteous anger can turn each of us into an uncontrollable beast and hopefully this sparks the mindfulness necessary for each of us to have a conversation with that inner beast. That underlying concept also intrigues and connects in a somewhat profound and thoughtful manner adding further fuel to the fire. The sound is unique, free from the confines of genre, inspired by the classics yet walking its own pathway regardless. On top of this though, the songwriting is superb. A gorgeous guitar-led outro leads things through a gentle finish. JRtheBand has plans to release a new single each month, stay on the lookout! 

Listen to JR’s new music here and read more below in our interview! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic! It’s such a pleasure to chat with you You’ve had a really incredible year! What would you say you’re the proudest of?

Just the sheer volume of music that I've composed and written. When I went into this I had 5 songs finished and it was just a matter of recording them. I never had any idea how much more music I would have the capability to create until I got into the studio. It sparked something, and I ended up writing 15 more songs, and I continue to write a new song every month or two. If anything came of this, I am proud to now have a "process" that I came up with on my own that works for me in terms of how I approach a song concept and then create the music and lyrics. I know it can't last forever, but right now I am in such a groove where I can write for days.

“Not the Enemy” is a great new track but it seems to have a meaningful message behind the lyrics. Can you tell us more about this song in particular?

In today's world we the people are more divided than ever. What I don't see people talking about too much are the unfortunate ties that bind us - deep human emotions dealing with fear, uncertainty, doubt and/or anger. For me - righteous anger rears its ugly head whenever I feel someone slights me. I tend to think I am much more important than I actually am and will typically cancel anyone who I feel disrespects me or doesn't support me. So I wrote "Not the Enemy" about developing the mindfulness about how these internal beasts could end up turning us all into hermits if we don't nip it in the bud. Moral of the story - don't let it spiral.

"Hologram" is the perfect track to introduce new listeners to your sound. Where did you draw inspiration for this particular track? 

I had just seen footage of Prince as a hologram - it was amazing. There he was, alive but no longer with us. It reminded me of experiencing the first Star Wars movie as a child. There was a scene in particular - where R2D2 is showing Luke and Obi-Wan a recorded hologram message from Princess Leah. "Luke, you're our only hope." Then it ends. I remember the absolute feeling of wonder as a kid seeing Princess Leah as a hologram, and then feeling a carbon copy of that wonder as an adult seeing one of the best performing artists of all time as a hologram. It makes me feel like anything is possible, beyond what we can just "see".

Do you prefer the more intimate recording process over live performance? How do you personally feel when you're performing your music live?

It's not that I don't enjoy performing live, but I would much rather be in the studio. When I set out to do this, my goal was to land a licensing deal with a publisher or film/tv producer. While I am not closed off to anything that comes of this, I remain primarily interested in being a full-time songwriter. If it turns out I have actual fans and they want to see me perform, then great. Like, I said, I am not closing any doors.

Thank you for talking with us once again! What can you tell us about your upcoming release!?

My plan is to release a song a month until I get noticed by a publisher that will swoop in and pay me millions of dollars to license the entire catalog. Hey, you gotta set your sights high right? "Not the Enemy" just dropped on 10/28, my fourth release so far. Look for my next release on mid-to-late November! Folks can stay alert to my current and new releases by visiting my website jrtheband.com and signing up on the contact list. They can also follow me on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and/or Amazon Music.


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