Jude's New Single "Tears" Is Anything but Sad

Heart-wrenching moments often inspire the most thoughtful stories. In the case of "Tears" by Jude, the artist recants the story of a month in his life when everything began to fall apart. With the odds so seemingly against him, Jude prays to god for peace of mind and amidst his struggle, he finds an uplifting message within the Bible scripture. It reassured him that not only would everything be okay, but it would all work out in his favor. Jude is a hip/hop artist from St. Louis Missouri, that uses his platform to unburden his listeners and spread the gospel and his music is not like anything you’d expect.

When "Tears" began to play, we had anticipated the stunning and emotional sounds of an organ playing in a minor key, but what we received was far from the melancholy tune we had presumed. Instead, "Tears" was an upbeat song, laid within an electric-dance beat. The drums slowly built in a crescendo and splashed to reveal the body of an uptempo beat. Jude’s lyrics were not melancholic, but instead told the story of overcoming adversity and becoming who you were meant to be. Sometimes we have to go through it, in order to get to the person and place we were meant to be. Jude’s journey thus far has been a fruitful one, since his debut release On Me, the rapper has gained a sizable following. With the release of his last single "Know Me", the artist reached #1 on the Trend City radio charts and was subsequently adopted into the Trend City hall of fame. With his new single ‘Tears’, Jude hopes to continue spreading messages of hope, faith, and love. This talented rapper is just getting started and we can’t wait to see what he does next.

Listen to "Tears" by Jude here.