Julia Kahn's "Light on" Blends Indie-Electronic Chillwave Beats With Soulful Lyrics

After immersing herself in punchy and ethereal compositions for her sophomore single, "Fly Away," the mystifying Indie-Electronic artist Julia Kahn felt compelled to return with a pristine example of electronic soul. For her follow-up, on the second-coming single, "Light On", Julia has re-established a feeling of elegance through a judicious and elusive orientation of chill-wave emotion that previously fueled the Indianapolis city-pop inspired arrangements on her debut with a potent rush of dopamine bliss.

The luxurious and intrinsically layered voices that bubble all over "Light On," is truly a gift. Julia Kahn's voice emanates warmth, and the production's sharp rhythmic groove resembles a laid back electronic radio-friendly persona. "Please turn the light on" still cuts through with Kahn's spellbinding presence, meticulously unfolding over cascading vocal delays, booming subs, and an imposing ambiance. The mood is tranquil and silky, building to a chorus where her vocals light up as though they're illuminated by the stars. Kahn recenters her vocals and molds bold new shapes and designs around them, crafting a languorous, dreamy take on chill-wave trip-hop that is proving to be her most hypnotic work yet. 

Listen to "Light On" here.