Juliah’s New Track ‘Rule’ and Her Song Writing Journey!

Based in New Jersey and New York, Juliah uses her love of art and sound engineering to create music that touches the hearts of her fans. She graduated from Audio Engineer and Music Production school and uses her education to further her contributions to the music she makes. She's been writing songs since she was 8 years old and her focus has been on creating and sharing music. Juliah uses music as a form of therapy, and her main goal is to project her feelings in her music. Her listeners are then brought along on the emotional and rewarding journey of Juliah’s life, and in turn, gain a deeper appreciation for all forms of art. Juliah’s passion and hard work are displayed in her music, which has attracted the attention of those who have the pleasure of hearing her sing.

Juliah’s new release ‘Rule’ is an upbeat love song that makes you feel uplifted and is super easy to dance to! The alternative pop track skillfully uses harmonies and electronic elements to make for a fun, bubbly song that listeners of all genres can appreciate. Listeners are able to resonate and find pieces of their own life within the track, even if this doesn’t involve romantic relationships. Juliah has truly poured her heart out into her music, something that does not go unnoticed.

Check out ‘Rule’ by Juliah here

We really enjoyed listening to ‘Rule’, what inspired you to write this song?

First I wanna thank you, means a lot to me! “Rule” is about persistence. It’s about keeping that flame of passion alive in our souls, cause passion is something we have to nourish, make sure it doesn’t die. It’s about fighting for what we believe and love. I put in on a relationship perspective, but it’s really meant for every area in our lives. Fight for our goals, dreams, for the ones we love and want to keep around, and for ourselves. Believe that we can go through fire and storms to reach the top. It’s about not letting the downs speak louder than the ups, and stand back up after the fall. After all, we got a whole world to rule, and we’re the only rulers of our own dreams. 

You really have a diverse background in music production! With your own songs, do you typically like to produce them yourself or collaborate with other producers?

I usually make very produced and explanatory demos, then I like to send it to a producer that I admire and respect, so it's always more of a collaboration production. I send a rough idea, and they bring it to life. On this track, I had the amazing Tiger Darrow hopping on it. She brought my vision to life, giving it her own signature and taste. She’s an amazing musician and artist, so I didn't expect anything less than this great result she delivered to me. And that’s why I love collaborating because other producers and musicians can add so much to a track, it goes beyond only what’s in my mind, it’s a clash of different universes, joining forces to make art, it’s mesmerizing to me. 

Do you ever feel challenged artistically to create new music? How would you deal with it?

I’m not gonna say it’s easy, but it’s not necessarily a challenge to me. Making music is natural, every day, anywhere, something always inspires me. There are times that I write perhaps 3 full songs in one week, and 2 loose ideas that I can always go back and be inspired by. But I also believe in putting hours and hours on what you want to be the best one, so I’m always writing and composing. For every music, I make I have a full vision, I can see where it takes place at, I can see the colors that represent it well, even the first music video idea comes when I’m writing the song. Some challenges to me are choosing the right songs put it out there, cause, obviously, not all the songs I write are great. For a day or two, they are the greatest, then I listen back to it and think to myself “damn, this is trash” haha And then choosing the right people to reach out to, hoping they’ll like the track as well, and make it real. 

How do you think your education in audio engineering has shaped the creation of your music?

Knowing the technical side of music helped me know how to bring what’s inside my brain to live, which was the reason why I wanted to go for audio engineering and music production. I use every tool I can creatively, it really helps when I know what kind of vibe I want, but not necessarily how I want it to sound, so I use the technical tools to find inspiration as well. I can take a piano sound and shape it until I have a whole new sound that inspires me to start something new or take my vocals and experiment until I have that sound that I knew it was somewhere back in my mind, but I couldn’t reach it, and it clicks. 

What’s next for you in the near future? Can we expect new music?

Definitely a lot of new music will be coming in the next year! “Rule” marks just the beginning of a new era. It’s the most different sounding track on this new chapter, how I like to call it. My first chapter was “The Acoustic Session,” which brought a raw side of me, intimate and imperfect. Chapter 2 introduces to the public my character as an artist, it’s the Girl On The Moon chapter, where my music will be directly connected to every form of art possible. So you can expect very trippy music videos, a lot of visual arts going around because I want my music to be more than just the sound. I want to take people into the world inside my mind, through my melodies, lyrics, vocals, and eyes. I’ve been working with this amazing Brazilian artist, Sarah Biegler (Instagram @doiderairmao), she’s helping me bring my visions to life on her amazing drawings. I have a themed website, in which I chose every single detail. I want people to want to find my visuals because of my music, and vice-versa, because it’s all connected, and it completes each other. I’m excited to present the end of the chapter, but so far it’s a secret that’ll be unrevealed throughout the whole year. What I can say is be attentive to every detail, anything can be a clue, a message, or a little bit of myself. I want people to enjoy this ride with me, it’ll be a fun game! Thanks, BuzzMusic for the opportunity of talking about my art through your blog! I hope I can touch hearts, be heard, inspire and be inspired.