"Just A Stranger" Is The Latest Combative Single Release From None Other Than Freddie Freeloader

Freddie Freeloader is back with his ferocious, gritty sound and this time he's getting more vulnerable than ever before.

"Just A Stranger" is the title that Freddie Freeloader chose for his latest hate-inspired song. Yes, Freddie Freeloader chooses to tell the story of someone who has wronged him, including all of those messy emotions involved.

Although the lyrical content of "Just A Stranger" is kept quite simplistic, the underlying message is essential that heartbreak inevitably follows being traumatized by someone who used to be close to you. The many realities that follow such an experience are overwhelming, to say the least, but Freddie Freeloader does a phenomenal job at keeping his fearless and striking persona alive throughout the song.

Production-wise, "Just A Stranger" is deeply rooted in the old-school alt/rock style. Reminisce back to the early 00's band era and the pure ferocity, power, and stamina involved in those characterizable tracks. Freddie Freeloader honed into this perspective and style well, keeping a vehement intonation and placing his passion into every word he sings. "Just A Stranger" was truly a hustling and bustling song, one that easily got our blood boiling and heart forcefully beating.

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Thanks for joining us, Freddie Freeloader! Congrats on releasing "Just A Stranger." How did it feel to write and record such a personal and emotion-filled song? I appreciate it, this release has been fun. Writing this record, on one hand, felt like I was forcing myself to re-live painful experiences and felt like a pursuit of closure. So, it felt good in a way because of the outcome.

How do you feel the message included in "Just A Stranger" represents you as an artist and what you stand for?

"Just A Stranger" represents a moment when I accepted my resentment towards someone and stopped blaming myself for what someone did to me. It was the very moment I decided I would be the one to create a view and opinion of myself based on what I thought, not what others thought. That exact principle is what I took to the instruments in my room to create this record. Can you describe the inspiration for this particular single, especially considering the intense emotions involved with such a narrative?

The inspiration came from a particular memory and moment that happened to me back in October 2019. I was attending a concert at the Velvet Underground in Toronto. Ashe was headlining.

To give the significant backstory, my ex had cheated on me and waited 6 months to tell me. After she finally did, I continued to date her because I was deeply in love with her. It wasn't until a couple of months after did I finally regain a sense of self-worth and ended the relationship. So, I was attending the show alone and forgot my ex would be at that show as well. Since we bought the tickets separately months prior to the show. The story in "Just A Stranger" is the specific moment when I walked into the venue and ran into her. She looked like a stranger because I had done everything in my mental power to distract and forget what happened months before. Just A Stranger is about me accepting what this person did to me, accepting that I let myself down by staying in the relationship and allowing myself to see reality for what it is. To see it clearly and be the person I want to be, not what I think others want me to be.

Now that "Just A Stranger" has successfully debuted, do you have any plans to write future music similar to the style and content within the song?

For future releases, my next track "Almond Blossom" will be out on November 19th. I and my circle around me feel this is the song people will sonically and emotionally resonate with the most. This single will be the 3rd release of the CRIMSON I EP, which will be released in full after the holidays.

What's next for you?

Maybe, just maybe working on another album right now. But who knows.