Kacey Fifield’s Single “Confidential” Reminds Us to Mind Our Own Business

Kacey Fifield releases her sweet pop/R&B single titled “Confidential.”

Not only being a talented musician and Singer/Songwriter, but you might have seen Kacey Fifield on several different series like Kids React, Teens React, React to That, Game Shakers, and many more.

Diving into her music career with her new single “Confidential”, Kacey Fifield blows us out of the water with her powerful vocals at the mere age of 15, and how she channels deep emotions through her natural maturity.

The beat brings in a darker tone, perfectly allowing Kacey Fifield to belt her vocals and stand in the spotlight.

Starting off with a down-tempo R&B beat, “Confidential” brings textured snares and hi-hats, giving the track that modern feel but with timeless lyricism. Kacey Fifield begins to question where she went wrong with a certain situation, and how she’s interrogated to spill her inner monologue for others to selfishly listen. She soars over with mesmerizing vocals that are incredibly impressive coming from a young teenager. Kacey Fifield continues to sing that when her deepest thoughts are out for public discussion, she begins to trap herself in her own mind and refrain from speaking her thoughts ever again.

A conceptual storyline that highlights Kacey Fifield’s inner monologue without overstepping, “Confidential” reminds us that we mustn't be so nosey towards those in the spotlight.

Discover "Confidential" here.

Hey Kacey Fifield, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re blown away by your deep-rooted messages from your latest single “Confidential”. What inspired you to write a song that reminds people to mind their own business when it comes to celebrities and influencers?

Being pressured into sharing any information is difficult for anyone and it's not always easy to say no. While it is a problem for those on social media, everyone has experienced this at least once. Also, we all have experienced gossip and people talking behind our backs. We shouldn’t always have to defend our feelings. There's nothing wrong with keeping some secrets confidential!

Seeing as your single “Confidential” sounds to be a fresh and modern R&B type beat, does Kacey Fifield always stick to this genre? Or was “Confidential” different from your other songs in terms of genres?

"Confidential" was something new that I tried and I loved it! My songs are usually more pop with EDM influence but I loved this new vibe me and my music producer, Ricardo Padua, came up with. I definitely want to try different genres and vibes in the near future to keep things interesting and fresh.

We’ve heard that Kacey Fifield is quite the entertainment industry professional, even at the young age of 15. How have your experiences from TV, internet series’ and music helped your career grow to what it is today?

I started acting at age 8 and have had a lot of experiences in television, movies and commercials! I have been also in the YouTube series Kids React and now, Teens React. All of this has allowed me to be a better actress and do what I love. I love being in front of the camera! Each and every experience helps me grow as an actor and as an individual! Music is something very special to me as it helps me express myself to the fullest. I released my first single when I was 10 years old and I have grown so much since then! Acting is becoming different people based on your current script and music is all about what you feel inside.

Kacey Fifield has a very notable career when it comes to TV and internet exposure. Could you share with our readers more information about your music career, how you balance your gigs (TV, Youtube, music, etc.) and what your music is all about?

I go to regular school and am very involved in extracurriculars such as Speech and Debate, Track and Field, choir, Children's Hospital Aid Club, and more! I'm also in AP and Honors classes so it's definitely not easy to balance my school life with my acting, singing/songwriting, YouTube channel, and other entertainment industry activities. However, my key is to prioritize schoolwork over everything and to not procrastinate! This allows me to put my best foot forward in everything that I do. My music is based on my personal life experiences and the lessons that I have taken away from them. My goal is to inspire others therefore you can find motivational messages in my songs.

What will you be working on next Kacey?

Quarantine has me super inspired and writing so much new music! I've also been filming some super fun YouTube videos for my channel, Kacey Fifield Variety. Stay tuned!