Keep Pushing With Grettch’s Latest Perceptive Single “Tryin’ (Ft. Poppin’)”

Hailing from New York, singer/songwriter and alternative artist Grettch releases her tender debut single “Tryin’ (Ft. Poppin')”. Born in New Jersey and raised in the Southern Patagonia of Chile, Grettch began to gather inspiration from many different experiences all to form her first band ‘Grettch’. Later on, collaborating with Bronx producer Poppin’ on her latest release “Tryin’ (Ft. Poppin’)”, the two are also conjuring up an entire EP set to release late 2020. Grettch’s leading single “Tryin’ (Ft. Poppin’)” showcases her angelic vocals full of raw emotion and desire to keep pushing when times get tough. Through rhythmic and melancholy underlying production, we’re easily able to take away the song's heartfelt theme.

“Tryin’ (Ft. Poppin’)” opens with echoed piano chords and the vibrant entrance of Grettch’s serene vocal stylings. Her broad vocal range clearly lets her emphasize the songs strong points, while bringing the vibe back down with an entrancing and softer delivery. Not to mention Poppin’s textured production fusing R&B elements with soothing Alt-Pop ghost vocals and harmonies. Grettch’s background vocals also bring forward an incredibly haunting aspect to “Tryin’ (Ft. Poppin’)”, giving us a peek into Grettch and Poppin’s creativity when finding elements to make their hypnotic atmosphere all the more effective. All in all, Grettch’s “Tryin’ (Ft. Poppin’)” serves a finely-tuned progressive piece of music, finding a spot to make camp in your heart.

Check out "Tryin' (Ft. Poppin')" here.