KFIR is back with a dreamy pop anthem “Ocean Breeze”

Kfir is a New York-based singer/songwriter, and performing artist who had a musically diverse upbringing resulted in him finding a love of music and performance. Starting his career as a professional ballet dancer, Kfir’s love of the art-form as a whole is clearly evident through many levels of artistry. His new single “Ocean Breeze”, serves at the first single released from his upcoming EP “One Time With You”, set to release in 2020! Stay tuned for more.


“Ocean Breeze” cascades around you like this stunning wave of carefully selected synths and moments, progressing quickly from smooth and dreamlike to rhythmically engaging, and making perfect sense in the process. The song successfully envelops its audience and delivers the feeling of sitting under palm trees. “Ocean Breeze” presents yet another giant leap forward for the artist Kfir. His attention to detail, backed up by a clearly emotive and heartfelt way with sound design, makes for an easy go-to when escapism or the warmth of the volume is all that’s on your mind. That loving undertone throughout “Ocean Breeze” adds a layer of realness and humanity to the mix, and the flawless and genuine vocal delivery furthers the effect even more. An absolute hit and a brilliantly timeless song that is hopefully similar to what’s next from Kfir’s upcoming EP “One Time With You” in 2020!  Listen to “Ocean Breeze” here.

Welcome back Kfir! We're completely captivated by your sound--you have such a strong and warming presence throughout your tracks. Can you tell us more about your intentions when you first began to curate your recent single “Ocean Breeze”?

I’m so happy to be back. Thank you for loving the sound as I do. Ocean breeze was born while I was on my winter break in Miami’s south beach. I was seated under the palm trees on Collins Ave listening to some beats that were sent to me. I came across one track that as soon as I heard it, I started humming the chorus to OB. Right there I FaceTime my co-writer Javier Cardellino, who resides in Uruguay and 20 minutes later we had created verses, pre-chorus, and a bridge. An hour later I got back to Javi with a full lyric sheet. We recorded the demo, it was a very fast and smooth process. Then I took it to producer Majik Reed to put his spin on it. The intention for this track was a specific discerption of the moment we wrote it in, enjoying it so thoroughly that you never want to leave. I also added a bit of a lyrical scenario on top of that about meeting an unexpected love interest. Getting carried away, refusing to go back to the grind even entertaining the thought of giving up your current reality and basking in the moment of freedom and love forever.

You've had such a strong love and passion for the arts your whole life! How do you think you and your music have grown since you first started writing, versus now?

I think I’ve grown a lot, as an artist and as a person. This new EP is the perfect example. I’m more trusting in my gut feeling and trying to stay true to the main ideas of what I intended to create. I spend less time trying to mold the song and just allowing it to form naturally. If it feels good to me I do it. After so much rejection and disappointment in trying to make people in the business see what I see and hear, I’m not trying to fit the mold anymore. I just want to be me. I think you are going to be able to hear my growth from my past body of work. This time I wanted the tracks to be lighter less melodically complicated and easy to follow, more Pop with the sexy flair of R&B and some Hip Hop influences.

What can you tell us about “One Time With You”? We’re so excited to hear more!

This EP, if I could describe it by a color I would choose white and in some parts very passionate red, It’s light, happy and thankful. I also went back to my dance roots. I want to have fun and show it in my staging of the songs for performances. I want to talk about sex, love, clubbing and sunny islands and palm trees. I think it fits every season and extremely relatable to anyone. I really hope people who listen to it, will make it their own on every level.

“Ocean Breeze” is the perfect track to introduce listeners to your upcoming EP “One Time With You”. What is your reasoning behind choosing this single to release first?

OB was the first track I wrote right after the release of my EP Free Delivery. It was the one that opened the creative flood gates to the rest of my writings. I also planned on releasing it back in August cause it is the perfect track to try and keep the summer here. And I don’t know any kid or adult who wants to leave a vacation behind. But because of some studio schedule conflicts, it was pushed back. Though I’m happy it’s out now it can fit any season.

What's the next move for you artistically? Are you playing any shows in the near future to promote "One Time With You”?

Today I am performing on Broadway in Andrews Lloyd Webber Phantom of the Opera. I would love to create a mini show of my material. Mixing past body of works with the new OTWU EP. Go out there and introduce my sound to more people. I am currently working on the following single which the EP is named after and creating a music video for it. I will also keep on looking for representation in hopes that someone will see and hear the potential of this material and will help me create a bigger stage show and eventually tour. I’ll keep on dreaming.