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Kickback, Relax and Chill Out with Twoaym's "Koolin"

Columbus, Ohio is home to the multi-talented American Rapper, Songwriter and Producer, Twoaym. Showcasing her versatility on the recently released single “Koolin,” from her forthcoming album, “Unsolicited,” Twoaym is breaking down barriers fusing nostalgia with classic Hip-hop characteristics.

Captivating listeners by immersing them in the tantalizing ambiance of her enthralling transmission, Twoaym allows her inspirations to shine through the unique creations she shares with the world.

Pulling you into her universe chalked full of intriguing components, she flows effortlessly in the composition of “Koolin” like a penguin on a glacier.

Never one to shy away from emotional expressions, Twoaym keeps you on the edge of your seat with her carefree mentality that correlates to her easygoing persona daily. As we kick off our shoes and crack open a cold one, the vibes are out of this world with Twoaym’s unfazed execution and essence.

Discover more about Twoaym here.



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