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KiTTN Serves Reality on a Platter With Recent Single, "Don't Wait"

From Chi-town to NYC, Rapper KiTTN releases one of the most sincere and honest tracks we've heard to date, titled "Don't Wait." 

Always having a passion for the written word, KiTTN spent her adolescence conjuring up poems and short stories that would later be transformed into songs. With many genre influences like; jive, hip-hop, funk, and EDM, KiTTN delivers such inspiring messages overtop any sort of beat.

With the release of "Don't Wait," KiTTN ties in a very inspirational message that she realized after her mother's unfortunate passing. With an incredibly unique hip-hop beat on the verge of EDM, the production's arrangement creates this deep running groove that's hard to ignore. 

"Don't Wait" opens with KiTTN's background vocals and a heavy hip-hop kick that's ready to be dropped. Once the entire production sets in, we're met with a dark and tightly-wound beat that delivers unique synth progressions. As KiTTN begins rapping with authority, she blows us away with her natural rhythm while effortlessly riding the beat. As the track continues, we begin to hear KiTTN's message of tackling procrastination and fulfilling our desires today rather than tomorrow. She expands on that feeling of regret when missing an opportunity that stared you down once before while reminding us to go after our dreams. 

KiTTN's latest single "Don't Wait" captures hi-fi hip-hop production with a twist, while she serves that bittersweet taste of reality that we all know strangely well. 

Listen to "Don't Wait" here.

We're locked right into your genuine single, "Don't Wait." What was the driving force that pushed you to create a song that challenges procrastination and idling?

I wrote the first half of this song a few years after my mom passed away. I was devastated, harboring so much guilt and feeling like I didn’t spend enough time with her; no amount of time is enough time when you are close to a parent. Through suffering the biggest loss of my life, I learned the importance of constantly nurturing relationships that are important to us.

Time is a commodity that no one has. So many of us are juggling day jobs and other responsibilities, it can feel like a daunting task to then carve out time to work on your passion. But, waiting is not an option if part of your goal is to sustain a livelihood through your passion. I’ve developed a system that helps me stay on task so I can avoid procrastination. It basically involves planning each month in advance: I have a list of songs and when I will release them and have specific days dedicated to songwriting, marketing, and engagement.

The production values within "Don't Wait" are incredibly unique in the arrangement. What was your creative process like when molding the beat to deliver this introspective and honest atmosphere?

I actually wrote this song without a beat. Once I finished writing it, I knew I didn’t want people to get lost in a sea of hi-hats and loud kicks. I wanted energizing simplicity, to allow space for clear messaging. I stumbled upon the beat for this song on BeatStars; as soon as my ear caught those cymbals and bass guitar I was hooked.

The bars expressed within "Don't Wait" are extraordinarily vivid and accurate. How did you get into the minds of the public to describe this relatable feeling of stagnancy?

"Don’t Wait" is naturally conversational in its delivery and flow. I wanted people to feel enticed by the lyrics. People appreciate honesty and humility. I speak very candidly about the desire to make your parents (or parental figures) proud. It’s so easy to get caught up in other people’s goals for you, which can make you lose sight of your own dreams and aspirations. If you listen to this song once, you should feel drawn into listening to it again; that was my goal.

What should your audience take away after hearing this track?

I hope people feel motivated and unafraid to take chances and push themselves past their comfort zones. Put a goal in motion, grow from your mistakes, respect the process, and enjoy the journey. I speak to this in my third verse:

Determination, every move

Make mistakes and follow-through

Stumble then I dust it off

Lessons always give me pause

Within your music and lyrics, you make it easy for listeners to get to know you. That being said, could you tell us more about what you represent as an artist, and what your brand brings to the modern-day hip-hop table?

My brand celebrates lyricism. I’m taking it back to the foundational element of rapping. I write songs that my audience can rap along with me. I want to capture my listeners’ ears by building a connection with you through my music; that is best translated when you can clearly understand the words. I want my music to positively influence and impact your life.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

Watching the world experience a pandemic has been overwhelming for all of us. We have witnessed so much death and disparity, yet we are finding ways to lean on each other and persevere; that’s inspiring to me. I myself have found so much refuge in music; I want people to lean into my music and escape to a happy place. So I’m taking as much time as I can to reflect and create content that soothes your spirit.


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