Kristine W Gives an Exclusive Look Into Her New Music and More

Welcome, Kristine W! Being an artist that continuously releases music, you have a pretty impressive tracklist! Taking a look back at your career in music, how do you feel you've been shaped artistically and personally through your journey as an artist?

I have more compassion for other people's struggles. When you travel around the planet, your blinders come off and you see what's really going on and how tough people have it in other countries that are not as developed as ours. It has made me a better songwriter. I  have always written songs and performed live and I'm always grateful to share my music anywhere I can. Music has made me think more globally and, as we know, music speaks louder than words.

Congratulations on debuting your latest piece of work, "Love and Lies". As you were writing and recording each track on this album, what was the intention you had regarding the way you wanted your listeners to feel? What goal did you have in mind when releasing 'Love and Lies'?

The album 'Love and Lies' speaks of love, lies, and betrayal. Both my older sister and I had been through divorces. Hers was final in 2008; mine in June 2019. We talked a lot about how those betrayals impacted our children, our family, and our spirit. You really get the wind knocked out of your sail and its tough to get back going. There's a lot of love too and the dedication is to my Mom and my Godmother:  two women who survived death, divorce, and many heartbreaks. It shows the Power Of Music and of friendship.

My goal with releasing Love and Lies was for it to be the first album of a trilogy of albums. I’ve been working on a lot of music so why not let the albums and singles roll out for a longer period of time and see what the response is to a new way of releasing songs?  In the end, I plan to release all albums as a double CD called ISSUES.

You're known to be an artist that really puts forth her most vulnerable and intricate emotions into the lyrical content of your music. Considering your songs depict many trivial times, do you find it difficult to manifest the right kind of energy once recording such songs? How do you go about synthesizing those painful feelings all over again?

It is difficult to create a vision and a sound both vocally and musically for songs. Thankfully we have created and produced a lot of songs over the past 20 years so we are getting pretty good at capturing the mood.  Every song on Love and Lies takes different energy.  "Wind in the trees" is very haunting. “Barracuda” has an urgency.  (,  "Just a Lie" feels vulnerable and on it goes.  (

You've dabbled in many musical genres within the past, which is undoubtedly portrayed within your own music. Do you feel that you've been immensely shaped by the diversified sense of sound you find yourself working in?

Yes, there is a serious diversity of sound in House Music.  So many styles!    House Progressive House, Tribal, Circuit, electro, New Disco House etc. That's why it's so challenging!  It’s important to create remixes with different remixers all over the planet that span all the different genres.

We appreciate the time to chat, Kristine W! We wish you all the best for the continued release of your music, and we hope to see you back soon! Where do you hope your sound ultimately travels to in the future to come?

My goal has always been to be a messenger with music. Make great songs with creative melodies and always try something that challenges me as an artist. I hope I'm being played on dance floors and on playlists all over the planet.  I’m incredibly grateful that I have been able to live my dream. What a blessing. Thank you for the love, everyone, XX KW.

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