LA-Based Artist DeadSeanKennedy Showcases "Could Be Wrong" From His Smashing New Ep 'Greased Beets'

DeadSeanKennedy is an LA-based artist who blends the styles of the old and new into something fresh. Since his interest in technology and music, he has taught himself to a program that leads to eventually creating an approach to songwriting between man and machine - AI-generated MIDI together with self-composed music elements.

Recently DeadSeanKennedy released his smashing new EP 'Greased Beets' and off of it is the lovely closing single "Could Be Wrong". This is quite an interesting record, it has trip-hop like exciting drums, sparkly synths, a deep rumbling bass, calming piano lines, and a beautiful vocal performance that almost feels as if it came from an old era. There is a lot of evolution and organic sounding effects in "Could Be Wrong", the vocal will transform occasionally into a wonderful stutter effect or will become slowly more vocoded but all while feeling completely genuine. The songwriting of DeadSeanKenney comes through here, all sections of the song is incredibly catchy, the arranging feels very complete, every section perfectly builds anticipation for the next, and every section hits you right in the feels. We are looking forward to listening to the rest of the EP.

Listen to "Could Be Wrong" here.