LA's Own Vatomico Releases Electrojazz Single “Mausoleum”

Vatomico is based in sunny Los Angeles, California and they've created an intricate sound that creates a musical contrast between both classic and electronic. Vatomico released the new single titled “Mausoleum” and this song was a highly enjoyable song that has fully compelled us into the world of Jazz! “Mausoleum” had no vocal delivery or lyrical content but it was able to still tell a story through instrumentation. The vibes of “Mausoleum” are smooth-sailing, and calming. Listening to “Mausoleum” you enter a relaxing headspace and you allow the music to roam freely in your personal atmosphere.

Vatomico shows that they knows how to create the right vibe and set the foundation for a mood change. “Mausoleum” is the perfect song to listen to while trying to unwind and destress. It’s a refreshing combination of poignant elements to accommodate those who are longing for music to place themselves into a sensational aura. “Mausoleum” was exactly the kind of song that will sink you into its radiating presence and have you feeling exhilarated and refocused. We encourage you to dive in and listen to the rest of Vatomico's music! We'll be on the lookout in the New Year for new music from Vatomico!

You can listen to “Mausoleum” by Vatomico here!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Vatomico! What would you consider some of your early inspirations for music?

I started listening to music through my older brother and sister.  I listened from Donna Summer, Earth Wind and Fire, Gloria Gaynor, Bee Gees, etc. to Led Zeppelin, Queen, and Rush. I was also introduced to classical music through a record called Hooked on Classics that contained a “modern” interpretation of the major classic pieces of Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, etc.

Tell us about your song “Mausoleum”. What was the initial theme for this record?

Everything started while I was collaborating with a Hip Hop band called 33rd Parallel. I liked the feel of the beats and imagined what could they be with some jazz instrumentation instead. So I took this beat and started to develop a different instrumentation. Overall, the initial idea was to create something simple and groovy but with a more sophisticated instrumentation on top.

What were some of the challenges you faced in the creation process of “Mausoleum”?

Other than the money lol, I think my biggest challenge was to find the correct musicians. From the beginning, I knew I wanted to record with the best musicians possible.

How would you detail your instrumentation approach towards “Mausoleum”? Any new elements you experienced with?

I had a “contrast” approach about the instrumentation for this record. I wanted the “bottom” part (drums/beats and bass) to be basic and simple, but rich and groovy, and the rest (mainly sax and piano) to be more sophisticated and complex.

The new elements I worked with on this record were the beats. I had never worked exclusively with loops, so creating, recreating, and sampling loops was a new experience for me.

Reflecting on the year of 2019, which has been the most monumental moment for you?

Definitely having the CD finished and seeing it physically in your hands was a monumental moment for us.  However, sharing the stage with Rubén Albarrán (Café Tacuba) was a very exciting experience and a moment where we had the chance to show our work to a bigger crowd.