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Ladi Rosa Invites Us Into Her, "Personal Space"

The young and spunky Latin-pop artist and singer-songwriter Ladi Rosa gets us in the mood for summer's warmth with her lively music video for her smash hit, "Personal Space."

Fresh off the release of her critically acclaimed single, "I Ain't No Taylor Swift," which debuted on Billboard as #1 Breakout, at #49 chart debut, and topped at #21 for a record of 19 weeks. With a powerhouse single under her belt, Ladi Rosa is more than ready to spread her wings and fly through our ever-changing industry.

Recently releasing her feel-good music video for her upbeat single, "Personal Space," the video captures lively and playful scenes of Ladi Rosa alongside a male lead who she can't help but feel enamored by. With help from Ladi Rosa's refreshing energy, the video truly makes for an uplifting and nostalgic experience.

Hitting play on the music video for "Personal Space," the venture begins with scenes of Ladi Rosa walking through the Florida neighborhoods alongside the graffitied walls while singing her passionate message of wanting someone all up in her personal space. As she begins peaking around the corner, Ladi Rosa notices someone who's caught her eye and her heart while slowly approaching them.

As the two young lovers begin playfully throwing a football while sharing smiles abound, we can't help but bring ourselves deep into nostalgia through the video's emphasis on young summer love. While Ladi Rosa and her male lead later venture through a photoshoot, the video comes to a passionate ending, and we're left wanting to seek the thrills that young love once offered.

Bring a lover all up in your "Personal Space" with help from Ladi Rosa's latest music video, now available on YouTube.

Hello Ladi Rosa, and welcome to BuzzMusic. We adore the playful themes and concepts within your latest music video, "Personal Space." What inspired you to write the song itself?

What inspired me to write the song was my own perspective on how I would want my relationship to be with a person. I feel like it should be the base of all relationships to have your partner connected with you. Did you work with any directors or producers when formulating the scenes for your music video, "Personal Space?"

Yes as a matter of fact I was working with Cody Longo, Austin Scoops, etc.

What sort of feeling and atmosphere did you want to capture through the passionate and playful scenes within your music video, "Personal Space?"

I wanted to make every scene feel as fun as possible. When my viewers watch that video I want them to be able to feel the love from those scenes. With two released singles under your belt, what should your audience know about you through your music's themes and concepts?

I want my audience to know that from now on my music is going to be mainly R&B; it also is going to be mainly about self-confidence, self-love, relationships, etc. What was your favorite part about creating this video?

My favorite part about creating the whole music video was the amount of fun everyone was having, there was never a dull moment. What would you like new listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

What I would want new listeners to know about my music and myself is that I'm very passionate about the topics I sing about in my songs and that I do my best to try to make music for people of all ages to enjoy. What's next from you Ladi?

As of right now what is next is releasing the new music video and releasing the new song on all streaming platforms. if you’re interested in the video or my music you can check out my Instagram page.



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