Lady Yasmina Releases Her Playful Single, "Baroque"

The Actress, Comedian, and R&B/Hip-Hop Artist Lady Yasmina release a track for normies everywhere with her whimsical single, "Baroque."

Instead of rapping about her success and achievements, Lady Yasmina has comedically strategized her music to give listeners a giggle while letting their heads bop to the beat. Her latest single "Baroque" captures the reality of young and upcoming artists attempting to deliver lavishness in their sound and style while on a strict budget.

Not to mention the production being a modern-day Trap version of Pachelbel's Canon in D Major, the track truly offers listeners a fun-loving approach towards their relatable lifestyles. 

"Baroque" opens with a spiced up Trap version of Pachelbel's Canon in D Major, rounded out with mid-tempo drum breaks and Lady Yasmina's fun-loving background vocals.

Starting the track with a bang through her comedic lyricism depicting her "Baroque" lifestyle yet still being pulled in the lavish direction, we truly haven't had a laugh like this in a while. 

Lady Yasmina's intoxicating and comedic delivery exudes this natural charm where her audience can easily connect with her messages while getting down with the track's fun-loving aspects. Not to mention Lady Yasmina's highly creative and humorous music video where her face is cropped onto portraits of historical figures; we can't express how grateful we are for a banger that lets listeners kick back and smile. 

Lady Yasmina's unique creative approach continues to make waves across the music industry and many social media platforms, as her single "Baroque" offers an anthem for the average person/creator who's continuously pulled in the wealthy direction while their pockets say otherwise. 

Hello Lady Yasmina, we are so excited to welcome you to BuzzMusic. We're genuinely head over heels for your hilarious yet relatable single, "Baroque." What inspired you to take this comedic route with your honest and blunt lyricism?

I got the idea about a year ago when I was working 3 jobs and yet was still struggling to pay the bills. Which to me made absolutely no sense and put me into a bit of a depression. But I always like to make fun of the situations that I’m in and at that time I was really interested in starting music. I think honesty is what makes the song funny because people can relate to the specific lyrics. I made sure to not just write vague statements like, “I have no money, wah”, but to give the details of what it’s like to live a financially hard life but still wanting to live your best life (even though your bank is telling you no) I think that’s why so many people can relate to the song.

Speaking on the unique production within "Baroque," why did you choose to create a modern-day beat around Pachelbel's Canon in D Major?

I’ve always been secretly in love with classical music and I love it when artists are able to add a sample of a classic piece to their song. The biggest reason I used it is that it’s very recognizable, anyone can immediately point it out within seconds of it playing. I also really like the song in general and thought it was a great opportunity to use one of my favorite pieces in a modern way. It also gets extra points for being an actual Baroque composition! It took a couple of tries to create a beat that matches well with the song but I’m so happy with how it turned out!

Speaking on the innovative music video for "Baroque," how did you come up with the video's concept where your face is cropped onto portraits of historical figures/moments?

I was heavily inspired by Tommy Cash’s music video “Little Molly”. He does the same thing where his face is on different people’s bodies and I thought it was so creative and funny and it was stuck in my head for weeks. It was weird but done so well and I wanted to create that same experience for my viewers but amp up the absurdity a little bit and make it artsier. The concept worked perfectly with Covid since I was the only actor on set and we were able to film it all on a green screen. But I wanted to stress the Baroque element of the song and have my face on famous paintings. I knew the idea would make the video interesting enough to grab viewers' attention because with so much content out there you really have to think out of the box to stand out. I also wanted to make sure that it was funny enough to make people laugh because if it wasn’t funny no one would watch it and it wouldn’t go well with the song. The production team did a great job of making the edits look so seamless shout out to DYNMC!

We noticed that you released quite a few promo videos for "Baroque" on TikTok that garnered vast attention. Was this because the audience on TikTok is somewhat younger and might relate to the song's theme more than others?

I honestly didn’t think about the younger audience when I posted it. And I don’t mean that in a negative way it just didn’t play a factor in my decision to post it. I think the song's meaning is pretty universal. Yes, people my age and younger can relate to it more but so many people deal with money problems. I always hear about musicians getting their break on TikTok because their music went viral and thankfully I already had a bit of a following. I knew the song was catchy and that the video was interesting so I had faith that a couple of people would stumble upon it and it eventually garnered a lot of attention! I’m really happy I did it because a lot of my views and subscribers came from TikTok!

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Ugh, that’s a tough question haha! It’s been very hard to stay inspired because of the shutdown and the world is on fire. And this may sound cringy but it was actually the music that kept me going. Writing is very fulfilling for me and brainstorming the music videos for the songs kept my creativity flowing. I already told everybody 2020 was gonna be my year I’d be damned if I didn’t at least try to make that happen. I also have amazing friends who supported me and always believed in my visions no matter how crazy they sounded.