Lamar Riddick Tells Us About Becoming Our Better Selves in “Meantime"

West Virginia, based Hip-Hop artist Lamar Riddick has been building his music career since 2011 after accepting a full scholarship at Bethune Cookman University for a Bachelor in Music Sound Recording Engineering. Since graduating, Lamar has been leading monthly music industry workshops and continues to expand his knowledge in the industry. Recently, Lamar released his record "Meantime," and this one is a definite bop.

"Meantime" opens up with these ethnic woodwinds that transport us to an unknown dark world to where Lamar Riddick then lights aflame with his tight verses, hooky choruses, and dynamically evolving effects that feel sweet as sugar to our ears. Lamar expertly crafts every one of his lines in "Meantime," he tells us about the global message that everything will be alright in the end that you have to have faith. Lamar is a person for the people, and it shows, his messages of life experiences, and being true to yourself speaks out to a lot of people in the hope of making their lives better. "Meantime" features a mysterious flute motif, synth bells, and in your face drum beat, and of course, Lamar's intense vocals are full of energy from start to end. We are excited about this one and can't wait to see which direction Lamar Riddick's music will be going next.

You can learn from “Meantime” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Lamar Riddick! We cannot get enough of your release “Meantime”! we felt that this was all about becoming your better self, is this what the song means to you? What was going through your head when you came up with this one? Meantime is a song meant to challenge listeners to make use of their lives and not throw them away. Many people have poisoned themselves with pleasure, which is blinding them from God's calling and plan for their life. The thing that was going through my mind was so many young adults are dying. How can I get their attention with this and at the same time provide hope? Your performance sits perfectly over an equally mysterious and punchy backing beat, what was the process like for coming up with this? Did the beat come before the vocals? Honestly, I really spent most of the time on the hook! A phrase that pays, catchy melody with an impactful message. "In the Meantime" is a common phrase that is used while something is pending or stalling. So I created a parallel saying that we have life and Jesus is coming back so what are you doing in the meantime with your life. I found the instrumental online and secured the appropriate licensing. I was instantly inspired to write! Congratulations on attaining your bachelor's! How do you feel you have grown as an artist from when you started school? How has leading workshops improved yourself as an artist? Thank you! Wow, I would say between moving, getting married, and no family in our area are the elements that have made me closer to God, and has ultimately trained me to be an entrepreneurial leader and impactful artist. I believe the more you go through the more it shows through the music. Leading consultations along with pioneering an internship program for Collegiate students has inspired me to take the music business just as seriously as the music. My Dad always said, "if you want to make an income from anything then learn the business." As I pour into the next generation I am also learning a lot from them as well which helps me to stay current. We heard that you are constantly working on expanding your knowledge as both an artist and an entrepreneur. What are some ways that you work at doing this aside from leading workshops? A couple of ways is I have created a local event called "Hip Hop on High Street" This is a free outdoor event that invites families to come and listen to live music! I also read "All you need to know about the Music Business" by Donald Passman. I have created my own royalty split templates, music distribution forms, and I distribute and register all of my releases with all applicable agencies. This keeps my music biz chops in extreme shape! What can fans expect next from you?

I will be releasing a new single Titled "Crae" on Friday, June 5th,2020, which is a tribute to Lecrae. Lecrae has been a major influence on my career since I was about 14 years old. I am looking forward to this track! It's a banger and I hope he appreciates the song and I hope the fans enjoy the track! Fans can also expect a new single(s) every other month for the rest of the year.