Lay Back and Reflect with the Smooth Sound of Foolish Deep

If you're looking for a success story, Foolish Deep is one of them.

As a predominantly soft-rock band, Foolish Deep seeks eternal clarity with their music. Constructing themselves through the help of vocalist and frontman Caspar, Foolish Deep was ultimately brought to light after many hardships, as well as many aspirations. As a band, their collective sound pulsates but in an extremely soft and timid way.

Their debut EP, 'The Fool', disperses that exact kind of energy and highlights the best components of the band's creative minds. You get a slight variation with their delivered atmospheres, and at some points, you'll find yourself immersed in an eclectic mix of genre stylings. Either way, Foolish Deep brings attractive sounds to the table, especially with their recent release "One More Shot". 

"One More Shot" is a track featured on Foolish Deep's recently debuted EP, 'The Fool'. As an emotionally-driven single, it features that authentic and characterizable raspy sound that Foolish Deep effortlessly exploits. Having the ins and outs of music engrained into him at such an early age, songs like "One More Shot" can easily represent the quality of knowledge and experience Caspar brings forth to Foolish Deep's sound. The vocal style incorporated into "One More Shot" allows for the track to come off similar to a Kings of Leon production, with an intriguing eccentric twist more so near the end of the track.

"One More Shot" gives listeners time to process and breathe, creating an environment where the song's message and ambiance can be soaked up with ease. "One More Shot", and every other track featured on 'The Fool' provides a tranquil listening experience and exposes listeners to a bright side of soft-rock collections. 

The release of 'The Fool' was a pivotal one for you guys as a band, as it truly was a chance to showcase your ultimate sound and intentions as artists. What were you hoping to allow your listeners to feel through 'The Fool', especially the records second single, "One More Shot"?

The Fool talks about very personal issues. We hope that listeners start to confront internal conflicts and emotions that are not always pleasant. We hope that the atmosphere we created in these songs takes you to a place where you look at your ‘shadow’ into its eyes. 

In this world, I see more and more how people try to ignore that side and therefore oftentimes numb themselves so they don’t have to deal with their problems. That creates an even bigger problem. 

In short, ‘The Fool’ is a representation of the dictum of Carl Gustav Jung: ‘In filth, it shall be found’. ‘One More Shot’ however reflects the impression I got of life in Hollywood. When I moved to America, I was shocked by how little people cared about the homeless. I sometimes think that many people underestimate how terrible a drug addiction can be and how hard it is to get out of it if your surroundings are not stable. 

This song was also a crucial turning point for us. We spent a year finding the right people and the right sound. One More Shot ultimately defined our sound and set the start of the new Foolish Deep era. 

Can you delve more into the intended message of "One More Shot" and if there was a specific takeaway Foolish Deep hoped listeners would get out of the song?

I hope listeners understand that Hollywood is not only about the glamour and origin of many successful movies but more about the place of broken dreams. 

Once you fall down it gets very hard to get up in a country that does not care about its people. I will not go any further than that because we never explain our message or what our songs mean as it is up to the audience and listener to create their own meaning, visualization, and interpretation from it. That is one of the main reasons why I am in music.

Do you find there's any disparity between visions when constructing singles such as "One More Shot"? How are such encounters treated and ultimately resolved between the band?

If you mean the sonic vision I can say that the band truly flowed in harmony during the process of this song. Ideas and suggestions were made by everybody and were realized immediately. The strong groove of this song has been extraordinary teamwork between Leo Vasquez and Lucas Bidran. Pun-Ek Chucharoenphorn (Boy) lays beautiful harmonies and rhythmic guitar elements on top of it, and I fill the empty space between colorful guitar voicings. When I write these songs, I have a particular vision of how they are going to sound. The band brings in their own special character and taste with their personal playing into it. Max Hurrell our producer is then able to work his magic and recognize what could enhance the overall performance. He does an incredible job of adding atmosphere and feel to what we played. 

However, if you mean the lyrical aspect or vision I can say that there has never been any disparity in that between the band members. The band always approves of the topics I address in our songs. 

Are there any next steps Foolish Deep is planning on taking in the near future? What are some goals that the band collectively has and is intending on putting forth?

We are planning a little tour through the country. It might take a while until we are able to do so due to the pandemic but in the meantime, I finished writing our second EP which I plan on recording soon. Our main focus though will always be the shows. We love going out there and playing wherever we can. It is simply the best feeling for all of us. 

What can fans expect to see and hear next from you, Foolish Deep?

Foolish Deep will live on no matter what. We will keep doing what we do. The band’s vision is extremely clear. Foolish Deep will manifest the unmanifested. We hope that we can change your focus on the outer world a little into your inner one which is where you will truly find. - Stay foolish.