Learn About Dishonesty in GR3YWXLF’s Latest Release, “Villainy"

The London based musical entity GR3YWXLF is back again and is now fusing alternative hip-hop with a whole range of either style to create never before heard experiences that are sure to blow your mind. Since his Christmas release “Xmas@Thewxlves,” GR3YWXLF has gained publicity and airplanes from the critically acclaimed BBC Introducing, and Tom Robinson’s BBC Introducing Mixtape. GR3YWXLF is here to show us his brand new attitude heavy single “Villainy,” and we are in love with these vibes.

Keeping to his roots, “Villainy” is a hip-hop tune that feels incredibly organic as if the song is a living and breathing creature that is telling us about what it feels like to be betrayed. This is perfectly complimented though the use of a perfectly twangy electric guitar that feels like another voice singing, a heavy but characterful drum beat that feels as if it was alive, and then GR3YWXLF’s vocals that beautifully sit on top to tell us his innermost feelings. This tune is a short one, but it doesn’t need any more time to deliver its message. GR3YWXLF perfectly crafts all of the lyrics, so only the essential words are said, and there is no filler in-between. We are loving each release from GR3YWXLF and cannot wait to hear what else is going to be coming from him. You can find “Villainy” here.


Hey There GR3YWXLF! Welcome back to BuzzMusic! We’re loving your latest release “Villainy”! What was the inspiration behind coming up with the lyrics? What do they mean to you personally? Appreciate you, appreciate that. I'm happy to hear you like it. For inspiration, I fuel my lyrics with elements from my experiences and the forever unfolding understanding of those experiences. In terms of what they mean for me personally, they are a partial audio representation of slowly mastering my energies at a specific moment (or moments) in my life. Somewhat cryptic, I know. We’re loving the organic vibe of this one, how did you come up with using the electric guitar and those organic drums? How do you feel the instrumental help the storytelling of your music? I've been writing a lot more cinematically lately - like really trying to create vibes that can sit as motion picture music for the day today. With storytelling I always aim for beats that can underscore my vision at that moment, abstract or not. Ultimately though whether it all works together is down to interpretation, music is subjective right? You’ve definitely come a long way, since hearing your first releases with us up to your Christmas release “Xmas@Thewxlves”, how do you feel you have grown as an artist between all of those releases and now?  Damn time truly flies. I appreciate that! You know what, I do feel like I've grown a fair bit. I've been honing my skillset across the board since doing all things independently and most importantly effectively, requires a certain level of finesse. It isn't just about creating music. At the very least I feel like I'm getting there.  Congratulations on airplay on the BBC! How did you end up landing this opportunity? How did it feel to have your music air on there? Thank you! So I landed this in two ways. Firstly, I submitted my music directly on the BBC website (which anyone can do you get like 3 songs a month I think), and secondly I've been randomly sending music across to Tom Robinson over at BBC Radio 6 and Fresh On The Net. With the latter also getting me airplay consideration alongside a place on the BBC Introducing Mixtape - which was dope. I actually didn't even know I got plays until someone hit me on SoundCloud, so big up the guy who shot me that message you made my day.  Thank you for being with us! What can we expect to see next from you?

No problem, thanks for your time once again! I'm hoping to drop some more songs over the next couple of the months, ride out this coronavirus storm efficiently. I'll hit you with that new when it's due. Stay safe!