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Leave Your Worries Behind and Embrace the Tantalizing Sounds of, "Open"

Singing and recording artist OSA World is an energetic creative that reigns from Moscow, Russia. Currently based out of Brooklyn, OSA World is the first artist to be signed to the label, Unites Souls Everywhere. Blending sounds from house to disco music, OSA World creates emotional and inspirational up-tempo music that you can dance to.

In the vibrant brilliance that OSA World emits into the universe, she delivers the captivating release of her latest single, “Open.” In a crisp and innovative approach to the danceable music you hear, her audience can expect to submit themselves to a world custom of the ingenious components that OSA World extends across her music. Transporting details that border the elusive and prevalent gamut, she offers up a renewed tactic of unified amalgamation that allows her alluring creations to shine brightly.

In the mystical cascades of rehabilitated effects, the distorted vocalization that is placed in the layers throughout, “Open” conveys a textured sheet of intriguing thoughts. Finding yourself in the depths of this body of work as the record progresses, each resonant tenor that radiates from the pits of the purely instrumental masterpiece has you on your toes dancing and anticipating the direction which we will travel through next.

With OSA World having received numerous accolades due to her unmatched talents, there is no doubting that this emerging artist is making cap-sized waves in the genres that she effortlessly seams together. Approach “Open” with a full mind, and you will find yourself gracefully falling into the ease and comfort of sonic relief.

Congratulations on the release of the tantalizing piece of music that is, “Open.” What does this song mean to you as the artist behind the creation of, “Open”?

Thank you very much, I appreciate it. We recorded something super new for me in Lofi genre, this new stage in my music. I love this song, it is unrealistically chill, it has a musical style, a delicious presentation, there is a cool vibe, it charges me with bright positive emotions and feelings, I want to listen to it. I'm very glad to have worked with such a great producer as Seth Richardson to create “Open”. He is a professional and super creative musical mind and character.

Could you please take us into what the creative process entailed when bringing this song to life?

Yes of course. I just came to Seth’s house in a positive and relaxed mind and body state.

I improvised with Seth, felt sexy and stylish, and recorded hook in 20 minutes. Seth changed vocals through a vocal effect and my voice turned into a cool masculine tone. It was very exciting to watch. Many songs are born from a state and there is no need to complicate the creation process. Of course, you can approach it in different ways, depending on the goals of the production and the individual composition. But in anyways you better enjoy it ;)

You have achieved many great things throughout your career! What happens to be your

proudest moment to date?

Thank you, appreciate it! I would say, probably when I received a gratitude letter from the United Nations Association of Russia For the great contribution to the development of children's and youthful creativity from the first deputy chairman of the Association Borisov A.N. This is a very high award from the Russian UN Association, I felt proud. I am also proud of the releases of each of my songs. It is a super interesting process and gradual one, the more music I will release than more satisfying my musical career will be.

What's next?

Next will be the release of a very cool new experimental progressive track with Seth Richardson. It is very unusual and extraordinary as if it was recorded on another planet, I think many people have not heard something like this before. The references can be the production of James Blake or Fka Twigs. I'm also changing my brand and look and this is a very cool and exciting moment for me personally. Finally, I will change externally and internally, such a thrill to allow myself to do what I want. And the big goals are a sign with a record label and my manager and rocket to the skies! ;)



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