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Lee Martin Sings A Graceful Tale On Her New Single, “Daydreaming”

From South Africa to New Zealand, singer-songwriter and thought-provoking recording artist Lee Martin releases her beautiful new single, "Daydreaming."

Lee Martin quickly saw success after releasing her first two albums that received ample radio airplay. With inspirations like Van Morrison, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, and Leonard Cohen, Martin's vast musical taste is able to shine through on every release.

Lee’s latest single, “Daydreaming” gives us chills down our spine. The song is sung to a little boy, and it plays to the fact that we get taught certain things in our childhood that we might later discover to be untrue. This ranges from simple things like the Easter Bunny to more indoctrinated things like religion. The music video for “Daydreaming” is a stunning visual experience that tells the song's tale gracefully and emotionally.

Daydreaming" is the third and final single before the release of Lee’s full 12-track album “Gypsy Soul”. The additional backing vocals for the album, recorded and arranged in South Africa, add layers of stunning texture which grounds the album in her African heritage, whilst still paying homage to Southern US Layered harmonies in a Soulful and Gospel style.

Following the album, Lee will be touring the country with her band and hoping to add international dates as soon as the borders open up. Orders for the album and merch are available via Bandcamp.

"Daydreaming," is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

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