Let "Loose," With Luke Messimer's Latest Upbeat Single

For almost two decades, Luke Messimer has been writing and recording music that spans multiple genres. Wearing various hats in the artistic style he approaches, he makes music deemed epic and anthemic by his growing fan base.

Being featured in multiple television shows including Emmy-nominated sitcom NEW GIRL as well as several independent films throughout the years, there’s no sign of letting up from the skill set of Luke Messimer.

The raw and gritty essence of his latest single “Loose,” takes on an upbeat swing as Luke Messimer welcomes his audience to a nostalgic wave of musicality. Through the repetition that’s instilled into the memorable guitar riffs and percussion scheme, we pick up on a familiarity that tours us through a modern replication of timeless rock hits.

Adding a dash of Pop into the amplified soundscape at hand, the way that Luke Messimer approaches the vocalization of this song represents the pure charisma that drips from his inimitable persona. “Loose” has us feeling the motions of this groove-infused tune in a way that pulls us into the resonance first-hand.

With smoldering timbres that pour out a passion-fueled offering from within, Luke Messimer’s lyrical motifs cry out a narrative that tiptoes on the lines of the ebb and flows within relationships. ‘Any old time that I get loose, I feel like it’s time to call it a truce,’ is a prime example of the intricately crafted songwriting that lets us into this protruding display of push and pull as the battle heard in “Loose” is one that many can relate to personally.

Fixated on his ability to have us fully engaged with what he showcases, Luke Messimer reigns supreme at creating sonic atmospheres that we’re eager to dive into.