Let Pink Honey Moan’s Words Resonate With You In “Closer To You”

As Pink Honey Moan, singer/songwriter Jared Lindbloom has embarked on a journey beginning on the majestic rolling prairies of his home state of South Dakota to the eastern seaboard of NYC.  The balance of his music teeters between dusty, folky, homespun songs on his early EP's and his electro-surf-rock & pop albums with the bands Fishdoctor and Stargazy, respectively. Jared’s diverse influences include Bill Withers, Brandi Carlile, and Paul Simon to name a few. The first single "Closer to You" off Pink Honey Moan's forthcoming album is out now across all streaming platforms.  For the recording of the track, Jared had the pleasure of working with producer John Clinebell and assistant engineer Vira Byramji.

“Closer To You” is an impressive ballad that showcases Jared Lindbloom’s emotive lyricism and vulnerability. The song was created during a hard time for Jared, he had been laid off from work and was living in his in-laws attic with his wife and young daughter. “Closer To You” started off as just an outlet and journal entry to his loved ones, but slowly shaped into a masterpiece. It gives the listener a retrospective look at Jared’s journey and him rediscovering his first love, music. The lyrics can be interpreted based on the listeners circumstance and allows Pink Honey Moan to build a solidified connection with his audience. 

Check out “Closer To You” here and read more with Pink Honey Moan below!

Hey Jared! Can you tell us about your upbringing and what really sparked your creativity?

Hello!  Thanks for having me!  Yes-- I was born and raised in South Dakota (most people either raise an eyebrow and say “you’re the first person I’ve met from there,” or “oh yea, I’ve seen Fargo!” :)).  Both answers are understandable, but in all sincerity I cannot imagine having had a better upbringing. I love going back to visit with friends from bigger cities and introducing them to all the beautiful people & places most folks just fly over. My creativity and music bug was ignited early on--mostly just looking for things to do during long winter doldrums.  My parents had a pretty decent record collection where I discovered Led Zeppelin, Bill Withers, CSNY, Joni Mitchell, and a bunch of other great 70’s sounds.  I received a guitar for my 14th birthday--along with a VHS tape of rudimentary guitar lessons. The first song I learned was “Wild Thing” and I remember writing a lot of songs early on about surfing and oceans (my bedroom was plastered with surf posters--wishing I was a surfer, but stuck on the snowy prairies of central South Dakota(hah!)).

How long have you been singing/performing?

When I was 16 my buddies and I started a band called Elysium.  We were trying our best to sound like Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, The Doors, and Incubus.  We played shows wherever we were welcomed--the VFW, flatbed trucks, basement shows, you name it-- and stayed together through our first couple years of college.  After that, my bandmate and I moved to NYC.  

Can you dive into the lyrics of “Closer To You”? What do you hope your listeners take away from this song?

The song “Closer to You” is one of the most vulnerable and optimistic tunes I’ve ever penned.  I wanted to get my thoughts on paper after going through a difficult time--having been let go from my job, and living in my in-laws attic with my wife and young daughter.  It was initially a diary entry/love letter to those closest to me. The song came to me during a long weekend spent with friends in Stinson Beach, CA. I was out for a run one morning and started singing this little melody line with the words “cause when I’m da da da da da, and a da da da da da….I’m closer to you”.  The rhythm of my feet hitting the ground giving me the cadence to the melody spacing.  

With each line of the song, I want the listener to feel the breaking and bending of a change or upheaval, and resolve with the lifting and levity of someone who has learned from a hardship and been made stronger.  “I won’t play it small no more--won’t you hear my call” is the final line that is my own personal clarion call that I’m telling myself to heed.  

What’s your writing process look like?

My writing process is usually a series of fits & starts.  As I mentioned above, I love to go for runs and clear my head.  Usually I’ll have a little guitar or piano line that I’ll record into my phone and then listen to it while running.  I find words flow more freely while exercising. Most times I’ll find “place-holder” words and just keep repeating the melody with them until I get home and record it together with an instrument.  I’m trying to get better at collaborating too. I think there’s a lot of cool things that can come about with another person’s musical proclivities and point of view.

What’s next for you?

I’ve got about 30 demos I’m workshopping right now with my producer John Clinebell.  Would love to whittle them down to the best 3-5 songs and put out a proper EP. Timeline on that is TBD.  Right now my gestation period is about 3 months per tune. I’m really trying to prioritize being a good father and husband, as well as balancing about 6 odd jobs in this gig economy.  I mostly just feel excited and fortunate to be making music again, and want to thank you for your interest and taking time to ask me about it!!


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