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Let’s Gain Some Perspective With Melanie Gillott's "Everybody's Somebody"

Melanie Gillot, with her new single "Everybody's Somebody," reminds us that everyone we know is living something different than us. Thanks, Melanie!

In December 2022, the singer, actress, and writer discovered an undeniable passion for songwriting, and she made it her superpower. Melanie uses her lyrics to connect to people's hearts; through her different life experiences, her audience can relate to her. Beyond this, Melanie is committed to communicating and expressing her feelings via her songs. You can tell she's talking in her songs from the bottom of her heart.

In her last single, "Everybody's Somebody," specifically, Melanie illustrates a daily situation that we all go through in one way or another. As we said at the beginning, this song is a reminder that we are all going through difficult and different things; we need to be conscious of what others are going through and be there or at least be respectful of what someone suffers.

At the end of the day, as Melanie said, "Everybody's Somebody don't know what they're going through" - sometimes, it becomes easy to assume, criticize, and think the worst of people. Why not stop and think for a minute if someone needs your help?

This mesmerizing and alluring hit is a well-thought-out song with pop/indie vibes, and Melanie's voice is such a great complement to the song and lyrics. We feel thoughtful, nostalgic, and sentimental, thinking about when we've gone against someone without knowing what they're going through.

We feel inspired by Melanie to be KIND. You never know what's happening on the other side. Make sure to take advantage of all of Melanie's amazing songs on all streaming and social platforms.


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